LosslessBob LB For Year 1990
LB-0949xx/xx/90Hard To Find Vol. 71ABOOTLEG: Hard To Find Vol. 7; DEEP: A concept
LB-63611/xx/90BRIAN WILSON1A-Unreleased album plus rarities, Part of 7CD set,
LB-8607xx/xx/90Brian Wilson AFrom chrome promotional tape, Tape>CDR>FLAC, This
LB-9452xx/xx/90Various locations3B+BOOTLEG: highlights; (Red Sky 1007-1008-1015);
LB-11034xx/xx/90various live 1990 to4B+BOOTLEG: positively four; USA 1990, 1993 &
LB-11662xx/xx/90under the red sky1A-utrs the alternate album
LB-17761/12/90Toad's Place (New1B+A Watchtower emaster.
LB-19761/12/90Toad's Place (New1B+Set 2, A Watchtower remaster,
LB-19771/12/90Toad's Place (New1BSet 3, A Watchtower remaster,
LB-20681/12/90Toad's Place (New1B+Set 4., A Watchtower remaster.,
LB-26141/12/90Toad's Place5B+Taper: LTE, transferred by taper to audio disk >
LB-58631/12/90New Haven4B-JTT; (Transfer From 2nd Generation Cassettes by
LB-66111/12/90Toad's Place (New4B+BOOTLEG: Toads Place Vol 1 and 2; cd > ultraplex >
LB-66131/12/90Toad's Place2B+version "d"; CD-r's rec'd in trade -> flac
LB-82971/12/90Toad, s Place1BBOOTLEG: Dancing In The Dark; Boot-Dancing In The
LB-84211/12/90Toad's Place4B+version "f"; fifty states, fifty songs, runtime:
LB-87401/12/90New Haven, CT4B+version "k", First of all I would like to thank My
LB-125251/12/90Toads Place4B+crown dolphinsmile 48k, digital version. dat clone
LB-125341/12/90Toad'S Place4B+BOOTLEG: toads place 1990; TRULY PERFECT SOUND
LB-131141/12/90Toad's Place B+jf dolphinsmile 48k, this is the analog version of
LB-01271/14/90Penn State2B- 
LB-71551/14/90State College2Bsb; * Penn State Angel *, A Souothside Butcher
LB-100971/14/90State College2B+version "b"; from torrent description:"I was at
LB-106001/14/90Penn State, PA2B+version "c", Alternative recording to
LB-31051/15/90PRINCETON2B+low generation/off master, not remastered
LB-31061/15/90Princeton2 Mad Dog remaster; Taper: Unknown, Source: Unknown
LB-99391/15/90Princeton University2Bsb, *Princton Devil *(incomplete), A Southside
LB-00891/18/90San Paola2  
LB-16281/25/90Rio de Janiero1B+BOOTLEG: Rio; This is the show I got from Mike.,
LB-43771/25/90Rio De Janiero1C+JTT; Mono Mixing Desk Recording (Incomplete), This
LB-57671/25/90Rio De Janeiro2BSBD > FM? > ? > Cassette > DAT > Soundforge 6.0 >
LB-68091/25/90Rio de Janiero1 BOOTLEG: Rio; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav > flac;
LB-150651/25/90Rio De Janeiro2 compilation, Ok, this is a compilation of the
LB-02081/29/90Paris2Balternate master,
LB-12671/29/90Paris2B+from Holy Grail series
LB-51991/29/90Paris2B*Where The Neon Madman Climb*, ( A
LB-122061/29/90Paris2B+lta, taper: Legendary Taper A, location:
LB-09281/30/90Paris2B+alt master,
LB-13041/30/90Paris2A-Holy Grail
LB-15801/30/90Paris2A-Legendary Tapers Series #12 (Taper=LTB, Off-master
LB-57191/30/90Paris2B+sb; *Cracked Bells And Washed-Out Horns*, ( A
LB-110181/30/90Paris, France2B+BOOTLEG: night of the grand rex; Mainstream
LB-122111/30/90Paris2A-lta, taper: Legendary Taper A, location:
LB-125841/30/90Paris, France A-hce c senn2oo2 doplhinsmile 48k, Taped by a German
LB-13051/31/90Paris2A-Holy Grail
LB-31871/31/90Paris, Grand Rex2A-Source: Master Aud Sony WMD6C - Nero Wave Editor -
LB-57301/31/90Paris, France2A-version "b"
LB-86951/31/90Paris2A-version "c";, source: Aud, gen: Master, Tracklist
LB-99341/31/90Paris, France2B+sb, *A Clown Who Cried In The Alley*, ( A
LB-106221/31/90Paris, France2Bversion "d", There are currently 2 disparate
LB-118851/31/90Paris, France3A-BOOTLEG: from grand rex to hammersmith; &,
LB-13352/1/90Paris2AHoly Grail
LB-32292/1/90Paris, Grand Rex2ASource: Master Aud Sony WMD6C - Nero Wave Editor -
LB-68102/1/90Hammersmith Odeon1 BOOTLEG: Bob Dylan's Politcal World; cd >
LB-68112/1/90Rex Theater. Paris2 BOOTLEG: Infinity on Trial; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-85232/1/90Paris2B+BOOTLEG: Infinity on Trial; version "f"; The last
LB-86992/1/90Paris2Aversion "g";, source: Aud, gen: Master, Tracklist
LB-155892/xx/90London, England  BOOTLEG: political world; (1990-02-XX)
LB-43702/3/90London2B+"Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes"", Audience
LB-60612/3/90London, England2A-LTB; cut in It Ain't Me, Babe, cut before encore,
LB-63582/3/90London2A-version "b"; on request [ as always..;-) ],
LB-68122/xx/90London - Hammersmith2 BOOTLEG: The Critics Choice Vol 1 & 2; cd >
LB-96382/3/90London, England2Bversion "d", Alternative to LB entries - making
LB-43722/4/90London2BJTT; "New Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes"",
LB-60702/4/90London, England2A-legendary taper B, cut after All Along The
LB-83182/4/90London, England2B+version "b"; Unknown lineage, received in cd-r,
LB-125512/4/90London2B+version "c", From a cassette (received in trade,
LB-13392/5/90London2B+Holy Grail " Has Anybody Seen my Love"
LB-29442/5/90Hammersmith Odeon2B+Jacktomthumb, Previously Uncirculated Original
LB-43602/5/90London2B+JTT version "a"; "New Transfer from Master",
LB-60792/5/90London, England2B+legendary taper B, cut before Gates Of Eden, In
LB-18482/6/90London2A-Holy Grail
LB-52362/6/90London2B-version "a"; a request, cdtrade > xACT > FLAC >
LB-52372/6/90London2A-version "b"; Trade CD > EAC > dBpoweramp > HD >
LB-53722/6/90Hammersmith Odeon2B-version "c"; cdtrade > xACT > FLAC > Azareus >
LB-60912/6/90London, England2A-legendary taper B, cut before It's All Over Now,
LB-110922/6/90London, England2A-jtt, "Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes, JTT",
LB-140262/6/90London, UK2BBOOTLEG: hammersmith odeon 1990 4th night;
LB-12722/7/90London2B+from Holy Grail series
LB-53842/7/90London2B+JTT; "Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes",
LB-59762/7/90London2B+Sony WMD6C; source: Aud, gen: Master, Tracklist
LB-61152/7/90London, England2A-legendary taper B, cut before It's Alright, Ma
LB-157352/7/90London2B+cassette transfer, From my cassette -- unknown
LB-12712/8/90London2Afrom Holy Grail series
LB-27912/8/90London/Paris5 BOOTLEG: Those Were the Days; 1990, very good to
LB-29372/8/90Hammersmith Odeon2B+JTT; GENUINE, Previously Uncirculated Original
LB-41192/8/90London2B+jtt version "a"; "NEW" Transfer from Master, This
LB-58712/8/90London2B+jtt version "b"; "Transfer from Master Tape",
LB-59772/8/90London2A-Sony WMD6C ; source: Aud, gen: Master, Tracklist
LB-61372/8/90London, England2Alegendary taper B, cut before Boots Of Spanish
LB-68132/8/90London - Hammersmith2A-BOOTLEG: Staying Here With You; cd > ultraplex >
LB-99892/8/90London2A-captainacidremaster, Hi Dylan fanatics, here it is
LB-00782/24/90From the Roy Orbison1A-(SBD Cass-M> 48k DAT > midiman delta dio 2496 >
LB-121192/24/90Roy Orbison Tribute3Aversion "c", DSBD master>DAT COPY>CASSETTE
LB-121202/24/90Roy Orbison Tribute1B+version "d", audience tape> ? >CDr>EAC>SoundForge
LB-77283/1/90Inglewood1BGuest appearance at a Tom Petty concert, *****
LB-19265/29/90Montreal2BSOURCE: "off master" (aud) recording, LINEAGE:
LB-63545/29/90Montreal2B-net taper J, cut before Girl From The North
LB-99285/29/90Montreal, Quebec2C+inc jtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tape, JTT)
LB-125375/29/90Montreal / Quebec -2Bsenn hce j 1gen, 1st gen cassette sent to me taper
LB-149825/29/90Montreal, QC B-stevemtl 24bit, Terrific set from a classic time
LB-54195/30/90Kingston Ontario2B+Taper: No information, Source: audio disks >
LB-82105/30/90Kingston, Ontario2B-(Transfer From Low Generation Tape, JTT), Quite
LB-125415/30/90Kingston, ON2B+hce j dolphinsmile, taped by HCE-J, who also taped
LB-42006/1/90Ottawa1B-"2nd Generation", Excellent Stereo Audience
LB-125526/1/90Ottawa1B-version "b", From a cassette (received in trade,
LB-128846/1/90OTTAWA1B-jc, Previously uncirculated 79 mins, Thanks to JC
LB-42016/2/90Ottawa2B+incomplete; "2nd Generation", JTT, Very Good
LB-110116/2/90Ottawa2B+stevemtl, Fine recording of a magnificant
LB-122096/2/90Ottawa, ON2B+lte, taper: "JF", location: 1st Balcony 2nd row
LB-128886/2/90ONTARIO, CANADA2B+jc, Previously uncirculated 101 mins, Thanks to JC
LB-138696/2/90Ottawa, ON2B+stevemtl, recorded amidst a raucus audience. This
LB-153196/2/90Ottawa, ON  stevemtl 24, Excellent performance from Dylan and
LB-01096/4/90London, ON2B 
LB-46126/4/90London2B+Taper: Legendary Taper G, Equipment: Sony D6
LB-41976/5/90Toronto2B-"2nd Generation", Very Good Stereo Audience
LB-83416/5/90Toronto, ON2B-version "a"; Taper: unknown, master cassette >
LB-106016/5/90Toronto, Canada2C-version "c", Alternative recording to
LB-41986/6/90Toronto2C+"2nd Generation", Excellent Stereo Audience
LB-26016/7/90Toronto2B-version "a"; Source: aud mono, Data processing:
LB-123566/7/90Toronto2Bcassette, From an old cassette (received in trade,
LB-45836/9/90East Troy2BMono Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-94886/9/90East Troy, Wisconsin2Baud atr35, Master audience recording by SJ, Audio
LB-124996/9/90East Troy, WI Bshure mrp dolphinsmile, first time transfer, upped
LB-50186/10/90Davenport2B-Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-122036/10/90Davenport, IA2Blta collection, *** Different recording, not
LB-126996/10/90Davenport, IA Blta collection 2nd new transfer 24bit 48k, LTA
LB-22256/12/90Civic Center2B+Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC secure mode > shntool >
LB-45696/12/90La Crosse2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-158196/12/90La Crosse, WI A-cassette transfer, From my cassette -- unknown
LB-14256/13/90Sioux Falls2BThis is an upgrade over the recording many of us
LB-71536/13/90Sioux Falls2B+legendary taper F, cut before Mr. Tambourine Man,
LB-125486/13/90Sioux Falls, SD2B+ltf lta, (LTF) *** new transfer ***, taper: LTF,
LB-154956/13/90Sioux Falls, SD B+taped by p dolphinsmile 48, taped by P with
LB-137576/14/90Fargo, ND B+p radioshack dolphinsmile 48k, taped by P with
LB-156116/14/90Fargo, ND B+pl dolphinsmile 48, taped by PL with SonyD6 and
LB-152536/15/90Bismarck, ND Bp with crown radio shack dolphinsmile 48, Taped by
LB-31076/17/90Winnipeg2Bversion "a"
LB-124486/17/90Winnipeg2Bpl 1gen dolphinsmile, recorded by PL,Sony D6 and
LB-125596/18/90Winnipeg, Canada2Bversion "a", From a cassette (received in trade,
LB-31506/27/90Reykjavic2B-Received as a freebie from Masterthief, lineage is
LB-70886/27/90Reykjavic, Iceland2B+Taper: NTB, Sennheiser MKE-2002 Binaural
LB-71916/27/90Reykjavik, Iceland2Alegendary taper D, cut before A Hard Rain's
LB-157736/27/90Reykjavk, Iceland A-c dolphinsmile 48, taped by C with Senn2002 and
LB-70726/29/90Roskilde, Denmark2B+Trade discs > EAC > flac level 6, Excellent sound,
LB-71696/29/90Roskilde2BTaper: NET Taper B, Sennheiser MKE-2002 Binaural
LB-71716/29/90Roskilde, Denmark2A-legendary taper D, cut before One Too Many
LB-71876/29/90Roskilde2B+local taper DE E, Sennheiser MKE 2002 -> cassette
LB-72386/29/90Roskilde2Bversion "d"; NTB; cassette flip after Don't Think
LB-48816/30/90Kalvoya2B+incomplete; Soundquality, B+, Incomplete recording
LB-71676/30/90Sandvika, Norway2Alegendary taper D, cut before Don't Think Twice,
LB-71567/1/90Turku, Finland2B+legendary taper D, cut before Boots Of Spanish
LB-106027/1/90Turku, Finland2B+version "b", Alternative recording to LTD., Trade
LB-124017/1/90Turku2B+version "c", From an old cassette (received in
LB-12537/3/90Stadtpark2B+CDR trade (copy clean) > EAC V0.95pb3 > WAV > mkw
LB-26827/3/90Hamburg2A-AUD MC [Sony ECM 150t > Sony
LB-33827/3/90Hamburg, Stadtpark2A-Source: Master Aud mit Sony WWD6C + Soundman
LB-73817/3/90Hamburg, Germany2B+version "c"; Taper: unidentified, Source/Lineage:
LB-129947/3/90Hamburg, Germany A-hce cb dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE CB who put
LB-137717/3/90Hamburg, Germany A-c senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, taped by my German
LB-32497/5/90Berlin2A-Taper: GS, Source: Low gen audio disks > (feurio)
LB-33837/5/90Berlin, CCH2B+Source: Master Aud mit Sony WWD6C + Soundman
LB-68147/5/90Berlin1B+BOOTLEG: Can You Please Tell MeWhat I'm Doing
LB-68157/5/90Berlin1B+BOOTLEG: Rooftop Serenade; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-30607/7/90Torhout1B+Taper: Unidentified., Source: Unknown generation
LB-58857/7/90Torhout1B+LTJ; cut after Mr. Tambourine Man, legendary taper
LB-71617/7/90Torhout, Belgium2B+ssrc; legendary taper J, cut after Mr. Tambourine
LB-71687/7/90Torhout1B+version "b"; Alternative recording to LTJ, Taper:
LB-71797/7/90Torhout1B+version "c"; speed corrected by LTA; Alternative
LB-86507/7/90Torhout, Belgium1Bversion "e";, Cassette >Tascam DR07 >WAV >edited
LB-89527/7/90Torhout - Werchter1B+zimmy21;, A zimmy21 recording !!, Sound quality :
LB-17947/8/90Torhout- Werchter1B+Source: Audience Recording, Lineage:CDR > EAC >
LB-71827/8/90Werchter, Belgium1B+legendary taper J, cut before Everything Is Broken
LB-86487/8/90Werchter, Belgium1B+version "b";, Audience recording of this Summer
LB-89467/8/90Torhout - Werchter1B+A zimmy21 recording !!, Sound quality : As it
LB-26047/9/90JAZZ FESTIVAL:2B+version "a"
LB-40867/9/90Montreux2A-Taper: Legendary Taper D, Source: udio disks
LB-68168/1/90Various Usa2 BOOTLEG: Getting Harder & Harder To See A New
LB-58988/12/90Edmonton2Cby request, data dvd trade, i just convert the SHN
LB-122578/12/90Edmonton, AB2Bltm, "Bob Dylan with Sue Medley", taper: Legendary
LB-123538/12/90Edmonton, AB2Bltm 2nd transfer by lta, taper: Legendary Taper M,
LB-129738/12/90Edmonton, AB Bhce pl dolphinsmile 48k, taped with Senn2002 and
LB-143308/12/90Edmonton, AB Bltm lta v3 48k, taper: Legendary Taper M, lineage:
LB-49278/13/90Edmonton2BAudience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-143408/13/90Edmonton, AB Bltm lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper M, lineage:,
LB-155668/13/90Edmonton, AB Bsennheiser mk2002 dolphinsmile 48, Sennheiser
LB-49288/15/90Calgary2BAudience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-49298/16/90Calgary2B+Audience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-136828/16/90Calgary B+dolphinsmile radioshack 48k, Taped with Radio
LB-49308/18/90George2CAudience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-73758/18/90George, Washington2B-version "a"; Taper: unidentified, Source/Lineage:
LB-85618/18/90George1B-Greeney55; SonyD6>tape>WAV,Stereo,44.100kHz
LB-95878/18/90George2B+jems, Lineage: DAT(M)>WAV [48kHz/16bit]>WAV [44
LB-155908/18/90George, WA B+dolphinsmile 48, An early dat recording, dat
LB-95908/19/90Victoria2B+jems, Lineage: DAT(M)>WAV [48kHz/16bit]>WAV [44
LB-146288/19/90Victoria, BC2B-crowflies, ** 16 BIT **, Source: Sony FM/AM Stereo
LB-66048/20/90Vancouver2Bversion "a"; cut before It's Alright, Ma, in Like
LB-95928/20/90Vancouver2Bjems, Lineage: DAT(M)>WAV [48kHz/16bit]>WAV [44
LB-31028/21/90PORTLAND2Blow generation/off master, not remastered
LB-31038/21/90Portland2 Mad Dog remaster Taper: Unknown, Source: Unknown
LB-89238/21/90Portland, Oregon2Bversion "b"; Received in trade 2002/2003 so this
LB-95938/21/90Portland2B+jems, Lineage: DAT(M)>WAV [48kHz/16bit]>WAV [44
LB-156188/21/90Portland, OR B+tape boy lta 48, taper: TAPE BOY, location:
LB-25198/24/90Colorado State Fair2B 
LB-40848/24/90Pueblo2 Taper: Legendary Taper C, Equipment: No
LB-126288/24/90Pueblo, CO B+dolphinsmile 48k, an early Dylan dat recording. im
LB-02028/26/90Des Moines2C+ 
LB-64358/26/90Des Moines, Iowa2B"Low Generation Transfer" (JTT), Possibly
LB-22488/27/90Holiday Star Music1A-Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC secure mode > shntool >
LB-82118/27/90Merrillville1B(Transfer From Low Generation Tape, JTT), Very
LB-91008/27/90Merrillville1B+version "c"; torrenters comments: "got this from
LB-110958/27/90Merrillville1B+dolphinsmile, uploaded by Dolphinsmile, from
LB-05288/28/90Holliday Star Music2A- 
LB-71148/28/90Merrillville2A-version "a"; Lineage: CD-R received in trade ->
LB-135538/28/90Merrillville  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-47878/29/90Falcon Heights2B-trade data DVD -> HC -> you, There is no LB entry
LB-53108/29/90Falcon Heights1C+version "a"; Source: Aud cassette (copy of copy
LB-106288/29/90Falcon Heights2B-genuine alt b, , Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC
LB-127398/29/90Falcon Heights, MN B-ltf 2448, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-40608/31/90Lincoln2BTaper: Legendary Taper C, Equipment: No
LB-64368/31/90Lincoln, Nebraska1B-"Low Generation Transfer" (JTT), Possibly
LB-94868/31/90Lincoln, NE Bakg 24, AKG C451EB/ck1s(DIN/handheld Sec C13 Row
LB-124758/31/90Lincoln, Nebraska2Bakg, AKG C451EB/ck1s(DIN/handheld Sec C13 Row 14
LB-152588/31/90Lincoln, NE Bdolphinsmile 48, Cass Master>Dat>clone to me>,
LB-43629/1/90Lampe2Aversion "a"; alternate; AUD Master Cassette [no
LB-44299/2/90Hannibal2B+AUD Master Cassette [taped by LTC, unknown
LB-154719/4/90Tulsa, OK Bdophinsmile 48, Cass Master>Dat>clone to me>File
LB-01559/5/90Oklahoma City1C- 
LB-37249/5/90Oklahoma City1C+version "a", AUD Master
LB-47579/6/90Dallas2Bversion "a"; Audience recording > Unknown transfer
LB-96129/6/90Dallas, TX2Bjb, Very nice Bob show towards the end GE Smith
LB-01589/8/90San Antonio2C+ 
LB-97869/8/90San Antonio, Texas2C+version "a", Fix of LB-158: Man In The Long Black
LB-152519/8/90San Antonio, TX2C+cm dolphinsmile, cassette master put on dat by me
LB-71089/9/90Austin, Texas2CNo source/lineage information, Received as SHN
LB-01459/11/90Santa Fe2B 
LB-123799/11/90Santa Fe Bversion "a", From an old DAT (received in trade,
LB-132469/11/90Santa Fe, NM2Bdolphinsmile, My master cassette, Sony D3 and
LB-6817xx/xx/90Various2 BOOTLEG: More Sunrises; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-681810/xx/90Beacon Theater, NYC1 BOOTLEG: Thank you Evry'body; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-088010/11/90Tilles1Bdgk: "I taped it at Tilles, Center, C.W. Post
LB-485610/11/90Brookville1Bversion "b"; Not the same as LB-0880 or LB-0166.
LB-996310/11/90Brookville, NY1Bversion "d"; LB-4856, (67min), version "b"; Not
LB-1355410/11/90Brookville, NY  lta 48k, taper: unknown, lineage:, unknown >,
LB-027910/12/90Springfield, MA1Cunknown gen,
LB-634410/12/90Springfield1C+jant; on request, DATADVD with only a folder with
LB-643810/12/90- Springfield1C-"Low Generation Transfer" (JTT), Possibly
LB-707410/12/90Springfield, MA1B+Recorded by "JF", Equipment: Sennheiser MKE 2002
LB-987710/12/90Springfield1Bversion "d", Incomplete recording, This recording
LB-029910/13/90West Point2B+ 
LB-389810/13/90West Point2B+IMPROVED AIR Remasters.(IA023); Size:585MB, Trade
LB-437910/13/90West Point2B-Taped by Kevin Hall except the first two tracks
LB-1238510/13/90West Point, NY2B+akg451 ssb tc3 v2, AKG 451/CK1 Cardioids> B-18
LB-1286510/13/90West Point, NY B+ltf 2448, taper: LTF, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-1342110/13/90West Point, NY B+sennheiser2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by J with
LB-117610/15/90New York City1B-JF master
LB-1356210/15/90New York, NY  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-1493310/15/90New York City2C+version "d", Alternative recording to
LB-1581710/15/90New York City, NY Btwo of us, (Two Of Us Master Series Volume 170),
LB-117510/16/90New York City1B+JF master
LB-1356310/16/90New York, NY  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-1581810/16/90New York City, NY Btwo of us, (Two Of Us Master Series Volume 171),
LB-118010/17/90New York City2B+JF master
LB-893810/17/90New York City2B+version "a";, Lineage : cdr trade >eac>tlh>flac8,
LB-1357210/17/90New York, NY  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-118210/18/90New York City2B+JF master
LB-558010/18/90New York City2B+version "a"; Size:568MB, Bittorrent download
LB-895810/18/90New York City2B+version "b";, Source: Aud, Lineage: JF > ? > CD-Rs
LB-118110/19/90New York City2B+JF master
LB-396810/21/90Richmond Mosque2B+Lineage: trade cdrs > eac > flac
LB-1569810/21/90Richmond, VA B+dolphinsmile 48, 1st Gen cassette>Dat>clone to
LB-501210/22/90Pittsburgh1C+Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-774610/22/90Pittsburgh1C+version "a"; * Hard to say if this is a new source
LB-1238210/22/90Pittsburgh1C+version "b", From an old cassette (received in
LB-009510/23/90Charleston2B-version "b"; master aud
LB-634310/23/90Charleston2C-JanT; recieve this yesterday in a big trade (THX N
LB-1235910/23/90Charleston2B-cassette, From an old cassette (received in trade,
LB-1236010/23/90Charleston2B-version "f", From an old cassette (received in
LB-1252010/23/90Charleston, WV2Bhce p dolphinsmile, taped by a friend of mine,
LB-322810/25/90Oxford2B+AUD Cassette Master>?>CD>WAV>Soundforge 6.0>CD
LB-892110/25/90Oxford, Mississippi2B+version "b"; torrent description also included:
LB-010310/26/90Tuscaloosa2B-master aud,
LB-090410/26/90Tuscaloosa2B-alternate "a"
LB-634810/26/90Tuscaloosa2Cjant; incomplete; on request, Audio disc >> xACT
LB-1007710/26/90Tuscaloosa, Alabama2B-jtt, (Transfer from Tapes, JTT), Audience
LB-1207310/26/90Tuscaloosa, Alabama2A-ltc, legendary taper C, cut before Two Soldiers, ?
LB-1342610/26/90Tuscaloosa, AL  ltc lta 48k, taper: LTC, lineage:, Radio Shack
LB-042110/27/90Memorial Gymnasium2B 
LB-259910/27/90Nashville2B-version "a"
LB-634510/27/90Nashville2B-jant; on request, DATADVD with only 2 folder2 with
LB-978710/27/90Nashville, TN2B-version "c", Fix of LB-6345: Track 21 was a
LB-1256710/27/90Nashville, TN B-senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, I taped this with Senn
LB-038110/28/90Athens, GA2B 
LB-634710/28/90Athens2C+jant; on request, DATADVD with only a folder with
LB-1239910/28/90Athens, Georgia2Bluisbp51fix, Most likely same recording as LB-0381
LB-1497010/28/90Athens, GA2Bdolphinsmile, Analog>CD>EAC>TLH8, this may be off
LB-277110/30/90Boone2A-incomplete; * there is static at the end of I
LB-277210/30/90Boone2C+version "a"
LB-385610/30/90Boone2A-version "b"; Source: CD-R trade
LB-633210/30/90Boone, NC2C+A Doodee Music Master Recording, "If it's a DOODEE
LB-819810/30/90Boone2A-legendary taper D, cut before Joey, Sennheiser MKE
LB-119310/31/90Charlotte2A-cb master
LB-644910/31/90Charlotte2B+version "a"; Bright clear recording. This seems to
LB-823010/31/90Charlotte2A-legendary taper D, cut before Boots Of Spanish
LB-1586310/31/90Charlotte, NC  sennheiser mk2002 dolphinsmile 48, taped by C with
LB-036111/2/90Lexington, KY2B+ 
LB-119611/2/90Lexington, KY2A-cb master
LB-821311/2/90Lexington, Kentucky2B+legendary taper G, cut after Mr. Tambourine Man,
LB-821611/2/90Lexington, Kentucky2A-legendary taper D, cut before Under The Red Sky,
LB-121611/3/90Carbondale2A-cb master
LB-820011/3/90Carbondale, Illinois2B+legendary taper G, cut before Under The Red Sky,
LB-820211/3/90Carbondale, Illinois2A-legendary taper D, cut before Under The Red Sky,
LB-043011/4/90St Louis2  
LB-121811/4/90St Louis2A-cb master
LB-823211/4/90St. Louis, Missouri2A-legendary taper D, but before Boots Of Spanish
LB-122611/6/90DeKalb2A-cb master
LB-231511/6/90Chick Evans2Bversion "a"; Source: Aud, Lineage: ? > CD-R's >
LB-824011/6/90DeKalb, Illinois2A-legendary taper D, cut before Under The Red Sky,
LB-1327411/6/90DeKalb, IL A-cb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB who sent me a dat
LB-042211/8/90Iowa City2B+ 
LB-121911/8/90Iowa City2A-cb master
LB-373011/8/90Iowa City2A-version "b"; analog cassette master > DAT > CD >
LB-709411/8/90Iowa City, Iowa2B+sb; *Don't Turn A Slow Waltz Into Techno*, ( A
LB-825111/8/90Iowa City, Iowa2A-legendary taper D, cut after Don't Think Twice,
LB-906011/8/90Iowa City, Iowa2B+iar024;
LB-1342711/8/90Iowa City, IA  ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-122011/9/90Chicago2A-cb master
LB-557411/9/90Chicago2B+*Whats Going On In Your Show *, ( A
LB-826711/9/90Chicago, Illinois2A-legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE 2002 -> cassette
LB-1550511/9/90Chicago, IL B+cb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB with Sennheiser
LB-120111/10/90Milwaukee2A-cb master
LB-121511/10/90Milwaukee2A-cb master
LB-713811/10/90Milwaukee, Wisconsin2Bsb; *See Through Your Mask*, (A Southside Butcher
LB-747311/10/90Milwaukee, Wisconsin2A-version "d"
LB-828211/10/90Milwaukee, Wisconsin2A-legendary taper D, cut before Under The Red Sky,
LB-1038111/10/90Riverside Theater2B+atr35 sj, Master audience recording by SJ.,
LB-042411/12/90East Lansing2B+ 
LB-122211/12/90East Lansing2A-cb master
LB-559411/12/90East Lansing2B+*Still In This All-Night Cafe*, ( A
LB-828411/12/90East Lansing2A-legendary taper D, cut before Girl From The North
LB-1548411/12/90East Lansing, MI B+cb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB with Sennheiser
LB-122111/13/90Dayton2A-cb master
LB-710711/13/90Dayton, Ohio2B+sb; *When The Roses Fade*, ( A
LB-828811/13/90Dayton, Ohio2A-legendary taper D, cut before Everything Is Broken
LB-1571211/13/90Dayton, OH A-cb dolphinsmile 48, SonyD6 and Sennheisers MK2002,
LB-122411/14/90Normal2A-cb master
LB-587211/14/90Normal2B+( A Southside-Butcher-Production), *A Blessing In
LB-832711/14/90Normal, Illinois2A-legendary taper D, cut before It Ain't Me, Babe,
LB-1549211/14/90Normal, IL B+cb dolphinsmile 48, from cass master, taped by CB
LB-122511/16/90Columbus2A-cb master
LB-568911/16/90Columbus2Brequest, *'neath The High Crescent Moon*, A
LB-833111/16/90Columbus, Ohio2A-legendary taper D, cut before Rainy Day Women # 12
LB-1188411/16/90Columbus, Ohio2A-BOOTLEG: columbus 1990; No label, BD 111690; see
LB-122711/17/90Cleveland2A-cb master
LB-586411/17/90Cleveland2B+sb; *No Reason To Get Exited *, ( A
LB-1068711/17/90Cleveland, Ohio2B+version "b", Alternative recording to CB/Southside
LB-1297411/17/90Cleveland, OH B+cb dolphinsmile 48k, Senn 2002 and SonyD6, CB
LB-122811/18/90Detroit2A-cb master
LB-573811/18/90Detroit2B*So much for romance*, ( A
LB-833511/18/90Detroit, Michigan2A-legendary taper D, cut before Mr. Tambourine Man,


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