LosslessBob LB For Year 1978
LB-1755xx/xx/781978 WORLD TOUR6 BOOTLEG: 1978 WORLD TOUR ANTHOLOGY; Six 6cd set on
LB-1801xx/xx/78The (Nearly)5D+Soundchecks before concerts, 1978-00-00,
LB-1827xx/xx/78More Complete3DThis is an addendum to Nearly Complete 78
LB-4734xx/xx/78London1B+from lk Earls Court 78 set vinyl boot
LB-6012xx/xx/781978 Paris &2D+Lowgen; For collectors only!, These were taped
LB-11184xx/xx/78paris soundchecks2D+paris soundchecks version "b", lineage: reel to
LB-28021/27/78Street Tape -1D+Presumably recorded on a street outside of,
LB-67321/27/78CA - Tour Rehearsals1BBOOTLEG: Moving Violation; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-91961/27/78Rundown Studios -1C-outside alt edit lowgen, Rehearsals & tryouts for
LB-66001/30/78Rundown Rehearsals1A-BOOTLEG: Darkness at the Break of Noon; cd >
LB-103141/30/78Rundown Studios1BBOOTLEG: rundown to maggie; SOURCE: Studio,
LB-153181/30/78Rundown Studios1A-rundown rehearsal, Recording type:
LB-125322/xx/78Santa Monica -Julia1Cjulia orange interview australian radio, (0:13:45)
LB-10182/20/78Nippon Budokan Hall2C+upgraded version
LB-47602/20/78Tokyo2C-version "a";This does not seem to be LB-1018 times
LB-72902/20/78Tokyo Budokan Hall2Blk series; This first concert of the 1978 tour
LB-75912/20/78Tokyo, Japan2B-version "c"; This Torrent is offered as an
LB-80732/20/78Tokyo, Japan2C-version "d"; This copy seems to be source labelled
LB-150432/20/78Tokyo, Japan2C-BOOTLEG: at budokan early chapter; CDR trade Bob
LB-150502/20/78Tokyo, Japan C+dolphinsmile 48k, Analog Masters>dat>clone
LB-12372/21/78Nippon Budokan Hall2B+Project '78 by Jason Hart (ripple01@comcast.net),
LB-72912/21/78Tokyo Budokan Hall2B+lk series; I couldn't find any recordings of this
LB-110352/21/78Tokyo, Japan4B+BOOTLEG: live in japan vol2; Tarantura TCDBD-2A 2B
LB-12382/23/78Nippon Budokan Hall2B+Project '78 by Jason Hart (ripple01@comcast.net),
LB-72922/23/78Tokyo Budokan Hall2B+lk series; I couldn't find any recordings of this
LB-74172/23/78Tokyo2B"Transfer From 2nd (?) Generation Tapes, JTT", Bob
LB-110372/23/78Tokyo, Japan2B+BOOTLEG: live in japan vol3; (Tarantura TCDBD-3-1,
LB-41332/24/78Osaka2B+Notes:, Half of the first verse is cut on Just
LB-41432/24/78Osaka, Japan3BBOOTLEG: Far East Tour 1978; silver cd > ultraplex
LB-72932/24/78Osaka2B+lk series; This is from one of my CDs and not my
LB-117452/24/78Osaka2B+lowgen, One of my favorite recording from the 1978
LB-120662/24/78Osaka, Japan,2Blk alt complete, Recently, I realised I had an
LB-154322/24/78Osaka Fu, Japan B+master cass dolphinsmile 48, Master cass>dat>clone
LB-03442/25/78Osaka2B+AUD-M > CDR > EAC > SHN
LB-31862/25/78Osaka Fu2BBOOTLEG: Osaka; Thinman 009/010, Silver cd > wav >
LB-72942/25/78Osaka2B+lk series; This is from one of my CDs and not my
LB-96292/25/78Osaka Fu, Japan2B+lowgen, A good show, and a fine recording by TVB
LB-36712/26/78Osaka2B-Stereo audience recording, Transferred from a dat
LB-43862/26/78Osaka2B-lowgen version "a"; audience recording, This may
LB-58912/26/78Osaka, Japan2B-version "b"; My favorite show (if not the best
LB-67332/26/78Osaka, Japan2B-BOOTLEG: A Night to Remember; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-120642/26/78Osaka2B-lowgen version "e", My favorite show from this
LB-41512/28/78Tokyo2B+version "a"; alternate
LB-73002/28/78Tokyo, Japan2Blk series;This recording is from my cassettes. I
LB-103182/28/78Tokyo, Japan B-jtt, (Transfer from Tapes, JTT), Digital Copies
LB-06493/1/78Nippon Budokan Hall2B+master
LB-72953/1/78Tokyo, Japan2B+version "a"; no lineage available, cdr > xact >
LB-109303/1/78Tokyo, Japan.2B+BOOTLEG: martial arena; martial arena, Source: Aud
LB-06483/2/78Nippon Budokan Hall2B+ 
LB-41903/2/78Tokyo2B+P1 version; [said to be first generation
LB-70553/2/78Tokyo, Japan2B+BOOTLEG: Tokyo Legal; Label: Godfather Records, GR
LB-73013/2/78Tokyo2B+lk series;This is from my cassette of the show,
LB-96133/2/78Tokyo2C+BOOTLEG: another side of budokan; Source: Vg-
LB-06463/3/78Nippon Budokan Hall2C+master
LB-23753/3/78Tokyo2B-BOOTLEG: Nippon Budokan Hall; version "a",
LB-96033/3/78Tokyo, Japan2C+version "b", Audio CDR from the old time trade.,
LB-96143/3/78an2C+BOOTLEG: another side of budokan; Source: Vg+
LB-118563/3/78Tokyo2B-version "d", One of the best Far East 1978 shows.,
LB-06473/4/78Nippon Budokan Hall2C 
LB-22573/4/78Nippon Budokan Hall2C+lk's Remaster (2 source tapes), notes:, No extant
LB-46393/4/78Tokyo Budokan Hall2CSeeded on Dime March 2007 by Lowgen
LB-73163/4/78Tokyo, Japan2C+lk series; version "c"; Les Kokay's Remaster (2
LB-96093/4/78Tokyo Japan2C+version "d", One of the better shows from Japan.
LB-96153/4/78Tokyo2C+BOOTLEG: another side of budokan; Source: Vg-
LB-47693/9/78Auckland2B-version "a"; Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-73173/9/78Auckland2B-lk series; This is my compilation from 3 different
LB-92063/9/78Auckland2B-version "c", Lineage:, Note from LK: "This is my
LB-73183/12/78Brisbane2Blk series; This is from my 1st gen tape. same
LB-91933/12/78Brisbane2Bversion "b", Lineage:, From Les Kokay "This is
LB-41593/13/78Brisbane2C+version "a"
LB-73193/13/78Brisbane2C+lk series; This is from my 1st gen tape. The same
LB-92203/13/78Brisbane2C+version "c", Lineage:, Note from LK- "This is from
LB-73203/14/78Brisbane1C-lk series; This is from my 1st gen tape. The same
LB-10253/15/78Festival Hall2B+sbd,
LB-28483/15/78Brisbane2Bspeed corrected/right channel version,
LB-65963/15/78Brisbane, Australia2B+JTT; "Soundboard" "Two Versions", Bob Dylan,
LB-65973/15/78Brisbane, Australia1BBOOTLEG: OK I Still Get Stoned; torrented along
LB-73253/15/78Brisbane2B+lk series; This is based on the "OK I still get
LB-09233/18/78Adelaide, Australia2C- 
LB-41633/18/78Adelaide, Australia2C+BOOTLEG: Live in Adelaide, 1978;
LB-73263/18/78Adelaide, Australia2B-lk series; good sound, in comparison to LB-923 on
LB-60923/20/78Melbourne, Australia2C+version "a"; unknown AUD [presumably low
LB-61503/20/78Melbourne, Australia2C+version "b"; Fixed LB-6092, unknown AUD
LB-73273/20/78Melbourne, Australia2C+lk series;incomplete; recording made from my 1st
LB-51953/21/78Melbourne Myer Music2C-lowgen; Mono recording transferred from a reel at
LB-73283/21/78Melbourne, Australia2C-lk series; recording made from my 1st gen tape.
LB-119983/21/78Melbourne Myer Music2C-lowgen b, By request. A very good show but a
LB-10583/22/78Myer Music Bowl2B+ver. 1.00, Source: Master Audience Tape -> CDR,
LB-73293/25/78Perth2D-lk series; very poor sound, missing To Ramona
LB-73303/25/78Perth1B-lk series; alternate incomplete
LB-91613/25/78Perth1B-version "c", Lineage: LosslessBob LB-7330 lk
LB-28103/27/78Perth1CLineage: ?>CD-Rs>me>you, Notes:, Krogsgaard '91
LB-73513/27/78Perth2Flk series; very poor sound.
LB-51844/1/78Sydney, Australia2C+BOOTLEG: Its All Right, Babe; glass bootleg cd >
LB-63154/1/78Sydney Showgrounds2C-with thanks to Ned Kelly
LB-65284/1/78Sydney, Australia,2B+BOOTLEG: Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt; "Transfer
LB-73524/1/78Sydney Showgrounds2B+lk series; This is mastered from my uncirculated
LB-77194/1/78Sydney Australia B+lp incomplete bobcat flac24; bittorrent download
LB-03696/1/78Universal2Baud master
LB-74656/1/78Los Angeles, CA2Bfrom lk 78 set; aud master; very good sound, a
LB-116136/1/78Los Angeles, CA1Amillard 1gen jems, incomplete; Mike Millard first
LB-02146/2/78Universal2Baud master,
LB-67356/2/78Universal1BBOOTLEG: Stop Crying; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-74666/2/78Los Angeles, CA2Bfrom lk 78 set; aud master, very good sound; a
LB-94996/2/78Los Angeles2B-BOOTLEG: life sentence vinyl; (Transfer From Vinyl
LB-135896/2/78Los Angeles1BBOOTLEG: sooner or later; (Strtebeker CD 05),
LB-02036/3/78Universal2Baud master,
LB-74676/3/78Los Angeles, CA2Bfrom lk 78 set; aud master, very good to excellent
LB-116346/3/78Los Angeles, CA2A-jems, incomplete; Mike Millard first gen via JEMS,
LB-02266/4/78Universal2Baud master,
LB-74686/4/78Los Angeles, CA2Bfrom lk 78 set; aud master, very good sound; a
LB-02276/5/78Universal2Baud master,
LB-74696/5/78Los Angeles, CA2Bfrom lk 78 set; aud master, very good sound;
LB-152076/5/78Los Angeles2B+BOOTLEG: Los Angeles, California June 6th 1978
LB-02186/6/78Universal2B-aud master,
LB-74796/6/78Bob Dylan2B-from lk 78 set; aud master, very good sound;
LB-02156/7/78Universal2B+aud master, plus discontinuities between tracks
LB-51056/7/78Los Angeles2B+version "a"; received this recording back in the
LB-65526/7/78Los Angeles2B-"Possibly Uncirculated" "JTT Transfer", Very Good
LB-67366/7/78Los Angeles2 BOOTLEG: Best Wishes; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-74806/7/78Los Angeles, CA2B+from lk 78 set; aud master, very good to excellent
LB-117026/7/78Los Angeles, CA2A-millard 1gen jems, incomplete; Mike Millard first
LB-117206/7/78Los Angeles, CA2A-millard 1gen jemsb, incomplete; Mike Millard first
LB-34336/15/78London2CComplete concert.
LB-47086/15/78London2C+from lk Earls Court 78 set as plain; also part of
LB-47096/15/78London2D+from lk Earls Court 78 set as "alt - poor"
LB-01486/16/78Earls Court2B-master,
LB-06516/16/78Earls Court, London2B-incomplete
LB-09616/16/78Earls Court, London2Balternate version "b"
LB-47126/16/78London2C-from lk Earls Court 78 set as "alt - poor"
LB-65546/16/78London, Earls Court2C"Low Generation Transfer" "JTT", Fair/Good
LB-72056/16/78England, UK2B-version "e"; (?)>CDr>EAC(secure)>SoundForge 8.0
LB-74846/16/78London2B-from lk 78 set
LB-151476/16/78London C+BOOTLEG: london dylan lp set; 2448, (First Time
LB-16936/17/78Earls Court2Bfrom Nigel Simms' master cassette recording;
LB-47106/17/78London2B-from lk Earls Court 78 set as "alt"
LB-74856/17/78London,2Bfrom lk 78 set
LB-138366/17/78London, England2C+version "c", Alternative incomplete recording to
LB-159096/17/78London Bjtt fix, Very Good Audience Recording, Fix of
LB-06506/18/78Earls Court, London2B- 
LB-67376/xx/78London, England2 BOOTLEG: Tales of Yankee Power; cd > ultraplex >
LB-74976/18/78Earls Court2B-lk 78 set
LB-00696/19/78Earls Court, London2B 
LB-28546/19/78Earls Court, London2B-Transferred From First Generation Tape by JTT,
LB-47336/19/78London2C-from lk Earls Court 78 set as "alt poor"
LB-75036/19/78Earls Court2Blk 78 set
LB-118866/19/78London, England2BBOOTLEG: earls court 1978; No label, BD 61978; see
LB-34586/20/78London2B+Master R2R>MC(2)>CDR(1)>EAC(secure)>remastering
LB-47316/20/78London2Bfrom lk Earls Court 78 set as plain
LB-47326/20/78London2C+from lk Earls Court 78 set as "alt"
LB-65486/20/78London, England1B+BOOTLEG: Earls Court; "Vinyl Transfer" "JTT", <
LB-21156/23/78Rotterdam2Cversion "a"
LB-75116/23/78Rotterdam2B-from lk 78 set; very good to excellent sound,
LB-112766/23/78Rotterdam2B-version "d", Alternative recording to
LB-28426/26/78Dortmund2A-version "a"; Source/Lineage: aud>?>CD-Rs>me>you,
LB-72456/26/78Dortmund2A-net taper B, cut before I Don't Believe You, Don't
LB-34486/27/78Dortmund2B-version "a"; (Trade CDr)>EAC (secure)>SoundForge 8
LB-54306/27/78Dortmund2Bversion "b"; Taper unknown, Source/Linage:,
LB-75206/27/78Dortmund2Bfrom lk 78 set; I couldn't find this show on the
LB-29626/29/78West Berlin2B-Remastered by The OldToaD on 21 June 2003,
LB-37626/29/78Berlin2B-Schubert ASM, Another great show for you lovers of
LB-92186/29/78West Berlin2B-version "c", lle, West Berlin, West Germany, 29
LB-00537/1/78Nuremberg2B+from tree, master audience tape
LB-16917/1/78Zeppelinfeld2 "Look Back", 1.00GB, FLAC, txt, and jpgs, a 'fin'
LB-29667/1/78Nuremberg2B+BOOTLEG: Trainload Of Fools; (mislabled)
LB-71837/1/78Nuremberg2B+sb' *In The Pale Afternoon*, A Southside Butcher
LB-75217/1/78Nuremberg2B+from lk 78 set; from tree, master audience tape,
LB-79297/1/78Nuremberg2B+BOOTLEG; version "g"; From my collection,
LB-116037/1/78Nurnberg, Germany2Bjtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Cassette) JTT,
LB-18007/3/78Paris, France D+ 
LB-18257/3/78Paris, France D 
LB-31457/3/78Paris3ATaper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to Reel
LB-46937/3/78Paris2AJTT; "Source - Reel to Reel Master", Excellent
LB-75227/3/78Paris, France2Afrom lk 78 set; Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to
LB-85807/3/78Paris, France2A-BOOTLEG: BORDER BENEATH THE SUN VOLUME 2; Thinman
LB-112247/3/78Paris, Soundcheck1D+soundcheck lta, taper: LTA, location: edge of the
LB-112367/3/78Paris2Alta, taper: LTA, lineage:, Sennheiser MKE-2002
LB-148657/3/78Paris, France Adolphinsmile 48k, Analog Masters>Dat>File cloned
LB-149457/3/78Paris, France2Ads lbp51 fix, Stereo Audience recording., This one
LB-17997/4/78Paris, France D- 
LB-31477/4/78Paris3ATaper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to Reel
LB-47027/4/78Paris2AJTT; "Source - Reel to Reel Master", Excellent
LB-75237/4/78Paris, France2Afrom lk 78 set; Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to
LB-145877/4/78Paris, France ABOOTLEG: my back pages; 24bit 48k, (Arts &
LB-10547/5/78Paris2A-reel to reel master > dat > cdr,
LB-15087/5/78Paris B-New Pony soundcheck; regular version from
LB-17987/5/78Paris, France D+ 
LB-29327/5/78Pavillon De France3 The Story Of My Life or L'Histoire de ma Vie; This
LB-31357/5/78Paris3A-Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to Reel
LB-47247/5/78Paris2A-JTT;"Source - Reel to Reel Master", Excellent
LB-75367/5/78Paris, France2A-from lk 78 set; Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to
LB-17977/6/78Paris, France D+ 
LB-31487/6/78Paris3A-Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to Reel
LB-47177/6/78Paris2A-JTT;"Source - Reel to Reel Master", Excellent
LB-67387/6/78Paris - pavillion de2A-BOOTLEG: Border Beneath the Sun; cd > ultraplex >
LB-75377/6/78Paris, France2A-from lk 78 set; Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to
LB-149557/6/78Paris, France2A-dolphinsmile, real master reels>dat>me, File
LB-10557/8/78Paris2A-reel to reel master > dat > cdr,
LB-17967/8/78Paris, France D+ 
LB-18287/8/78Paris, France D- 
LB-31367/8/78Paris3A-Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to Reel
LB-47187/8/78Paris2A-JTT; "Source - Reel to Reel Master", Excellent
LB-75387/8/78Paris, France2A-from lk 78 set; Taper: Unknown, Lineage: Reel to
LB-155247/8/78Paris, France A-BOOTLEG: paris 1978 final night; m4a, / 2CD,
LB-75397/11/78Gothenburg, Sweden2B+from lk 78 set; Made from my CDRs master-> CDR ->
LB-111657/11/78Gothenburg, Sweden2B+version "d", This was my first Bob consert, and
LB-18057/12/78Scandinavium D 
LB-27157/12/78Gothenburg2A-version "a"; Source/Lineage: AUD
LB-41937/12/78Gothenburg1DSoundcheck, Unknown gen cassette
LB-75597/12/78Gothenburg, Sweden2A-from lk 78 set; mastered from my very low gen tape
LB-107997/12/78Gothenburg, Sweden1B+BOOTLEG: going going gothenburg vinyl; (Incomplete
LB-28497/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome2BTransferred From First Generation Tape by JTT,
LB-51697/15/78Blackbushe, England3B+version "a"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-66657/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome2BBOOTLEG: Eric Clapton - Blackbushe; Beano 004,
LB-67397/15/78Backbushe, England3 BOOTLEG: Blackbushe; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-67407/15/78Blackbushe, England2BBOOTLEG: The Picnic at Blackbushe; cd > ultraplex
LB-75607/15/78Blackbushe3B+from lk 78 set; Mastered from my low gen tape.
LB-99697/15/78Blackbushe, England3B+captainacidremaster, by EasyMusic Dec. 31, 2010,
LB-99767/15/78Blackbushe, England3C+captainacidremaster new source final, Hi Dylan
LB-105307/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome2BBOOTLEG: zims picnic vinyl; No Label: UK 1979,
LB-107047/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome3C+BOOTLEG: blackbushe city limits; Label:Scorpio (UK
LB-135177/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome  eric clapton krw_co 24, From the collection of
LB-135187/15/78Blackbushe Aerodrome2B-eric clapton krw_co, From the collection of
LB-135957/15/78Camberley2BBOOTLEG: blackbushe 1978; (Thinman 018-019),
LB-149657/15/78Blackbushe, England3B+upgrade2020_acidproject; Hi Dylan gang, here it is
LB-10169/15/78Civic Center2B-Master Cass>CDR
LB-75739/15/78Augusta, Maine2Bfrom lk 78 set; mastered from my cassette
LB-34769/16/78Portland, Maine2B 
LB-47549/16/78Portland2B-version "a"; Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-64839/16/78Portland, Maine2Blegendary taper E, ? -> analog master -> DAT -
LB-06729/17/78Veterans Memorial2C+ 
LB-18029/17/78War Memorial D+ 
LB-18269/17/78New Haven D+ 
LB-34759/17/78New Haven2C+version "a"
LB-67419/17/78New Haven, CT2B-BOOTLEG: Inside the Coliseum; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-75749/17/78New Haven2C+from lk 78 set; mastered from my cassette
LB-131129/17/78New Haven, CT1D+soundcheck f, TDK AD-C90 Acoustic Dynamic Cassette
LB-131139/17/78New Haven, CT2C+version "g", 2 x TDK AD-C90 Acoustic Dynamic
LB-159349/17/78New Haven, CT B+dolphinsmile 48, taped with Shure mics, I uploaded
LB-11069/19/78Montreal, Canada2B 
LB-12359/19/78Montreal2BCEDAR Shingles 003, This show survives in two
LB-75759/19/78Montreal2B-from lk 78 set; mastered from my cassette
LB-82279/19/78Montreal, QC2C-version "c"; Was talking to my neighbour at a
LB-45069/20/78Boston2BAudience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR(x) >
LB-64709/20/78Boston2Blegendary taper E, It's Alright, Ma incomplete, ?
LB-05799/22/78Onondaga County War2Baud
LB-18039/22/78Onondaga County War D 
LB-34799/22/78Syracuse, New York2Bversion "a"; "I'm Ready" and "Blowin' In The Wind"
LB-91559/22/78Syracuse, New York2Bversion "d", Lineage: Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-140879/22/78Syracuse, NY D+soundcheck lta 48k, soundcheck, taper and lineage
LB-50489/23/78Rochester1B-partial; I will not go into detail all the flaws
LB-56389/23/78Rochester1B-version "a"; Fixed LB-5048: only circulating
LB-75809/23/78Rochester, New York1B-from lk 78 set; incomplete recording
LB-05949/24/78Binghampton2B+alternate, incomplete
LB-75829/24/78Binghampton2B+from lk 78 set; master > CDR > EAC > FLAC,
LB-130349/24/78Binghamton, NY2B2gen, From cassettes (received in trade, 1993 --
LB-139949/24/78Binghamton, NY2B+lta, 48k; (new cassette transfer), ***Completed
LB-00919/26/78Civic Center2Balternate version a
LB-00929/26/78Springfield2A-alternate version b
LB-75839/26/78Springfield2A-from lk 78 set; master > CDR > EAC > FLAC, two
LB-92309/26/78Springfield2A-version "c", Fair quality audience recording taken
LB-34349/27/78Uniondale2Cdirect from DVD; * Senor is realy two time on the
LB-44259/27/78Uniondale2C+JTT; "Transfer From 2nd Generation Tapes", Another
LB-45619/29/78New York City2B- 
LB-75769/29/78New York City2Bversion "b"; master > CDR > EAC > FLAC
LB-97309/29/78New York City2C-jtt, (Transfer from Tape, JTT), Fair Audience
LB-118909/29/78New York City, NY BBOOTLEG: madison square garden 1978; Bootleg: no
LB-15879/30/78Madison Square2A- 
LB-50359/30/78New York City2D+version "a"; Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-70639/30/78New York City2A-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: Audio
LB-75849/30/78New York City2D+from lk 78 set; master > CDR > EAC > FLAC
LB-454510/3/78Norfolk2B-analog master [Reel ?] > ? > SHN > CD-R > EAC >
LB-760110/3/78Norfolk, Virginia2C+from lk 78 series; my cassette > Cooledit pro >
LB-505010/4/78Baltimore2CTrade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD > Hungercity > You
LB-760210/4/78Baltimore, Maryland2Cfrom lk 78 series; My cassette > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-540810/5/78Largo2C-version "a"
LB-922910/5/78Largo, Maryland2C-version "b", Lineage: unknown audience/transfers >
LB-930510/5/78Largo, MD2B+version "c", Made from the master cassettes, flac,
LB-1036210/5/78Largo, Maryland2B+BOOTLEG: maryland its alright; Silver cds>EAC
LB-023910/6/78The Spectrum2C-1st gen
LB-062010/6/78The Spectrum2C-version "a"; full show
LB-760310/6/78Philadelphia2C-from lk 78 series; My cassette > CDR > EAC > FLAC
LB-810310/6/78Philadelphia2C-(2nd Generation Tape Transfer, JTT "NEW"), Mono
LB-816910/6/78Philadelphia2C-version "d"; fix of jtt; Mono Audience Recording
LB-1153110/6/78Philadelphia2C-jtt alternate, (Low Generation Tape Transfer) JTT,
LB-1200110/6/78Philadelphia2C-version "f"
LB-247110/7/78Civic Center2B+Source: aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > me > you, Sound
LB-441610/7/78Providence2B-JTT; "Transfer From 2nd Generation Tapes", Very
LB-760410/7/78Providence2B+from lk 78 series; master > CDR > EAC > FLAC
LB-1297010/7/78Providence2B+caspers pitched, Heres a nice surprise, The
LB-105710/9/78Memorial Auditorium2B-ver. 1.00, Source: Master Audience Tape -> CDR,
LB-761810/9/78Buffalo, NY2Clk 78 series; Source: my tape (not a good
LB-123610/12/78Toronto2B+CEDAR Shingles 004, For years, the Toronto '78
LB-674210/12/78Toronto - Maple Leaf2 BOOTLEG: I was Young When I Left Home; cd >
LB-739210/12/78Toronto2B+legendary taper G, cut before Like A Rolling Stone
LB-1292010/12/78Toronto, Ontario B+cm dolphinsmile 48k, Back in the day, some
LB-500710/13/78Detroit2CCedar type fingerprint D1T1 the taper or someone
LB-761910/13/78Detroit, Michigan2C-lk 78 series; Source:my tape (not a very good
LB-922810/13/78Detroit, Michigan2Cversion "b", Lineage: Unknown audience >
LB-482710/14/78Terre Haute2B-Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-762010/14/78Terre Haute, Indiana2C+from lk 78 series; source: my tape (not excellent
LB-466910/15/78Cincinnati2C-Taper: BS, Source: Flac files from taper.,
LB-762110/15/78Cincinnati, Ohio2C-from lk 78 series; Source: my tape; average
LB-762210/17/78Chicago, Illinois2B-from lk 78 series; Source: my tape - excellent.
LB-219010/18/78Chicago Stadium2B 
LB-409710/18/78Chicago Stadium2B+6th or 8th row left center main floor., Maxell XLI
LB-756410/18/78Chicago, Illinois2BBOOTLEG: False Idols Fall; Artwork Incluided,
LB-765910/18/78Chicago Stadium2B-lk 78 series; My tape: upgrade over torrents.
LB-766410/18/78Chicago Stadium2BBOOTLEG: Changing of a Religious Seeker; Artwork
LB-286310/20/78Richfield2A-Transferred From First Generation Tape by JTT,
LB-503310/20/78Richfield2A-version "a", Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-766010/20/78Richfield, Ohio2A-lk 78 series; Source: my CD, possibly Transferred
LB-914410/20/78Richfield, Ohio2A-version "c", Fixed LosslessBob-7660, Lineage:,
LB-1074910/20/78Richfield, Ohio2A-BOOTLEG: endless road; (Thinman 155-56), LINEAGE:,
LB-035210/21/78Centennial Arena2B+master aud,
LB-766110/21/78Toledo, Ohio2B-lk 78 series; source: my tape (upgrade over
LB-766210/22/78Dayton2B-lk 78 series; Source:my tape.
LB-531310/25/78Indianapolis, IN2B 
LB-766310/25/78Indianapolis, IN2B+lk 78 series; Source:my tape.
LB-328510/27/78Kalamazoo2CLineage/Source: mono audience>?>CD-Rs>speed
LB-373210/27/78Kalamazoo2B-version "a"; master audience tape > ? > MAxell
LB-484510/27/78Kalamazoo2Cversion "b"; Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-106810/28/78Illinois State2A- 
LB-107210/28/78Illinois State1 soundcheck
LB-180810/28/78S.I.U. Arena D+ 
LB-331710/28/78Carbondale2A-version "a"; Notes: I used 2 versions of the same
LB-460210/28/78Carbondale2BJTT; "New Transfer From 2nd Generation Tapes",
LB-767210/28/78Carbondale, IL2B+from lk 78 series; Source:my tape.
LB-159210/29/78The Checkerdome2B 
LB-170510/29/78St. Louis2 Mad Dog Remaster
LB-180710/29/78The Checkerdome D+ 
LB-182310/29/78St. Louis, Missouri D+ 
LB-767810/29/78St. Louis2B-from lk 78 series; Source:my tape.
LB-009710/31/78Civic Center2B 
LB-479810/31/78St. Paul2B+version "a"; Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-668210/31/78St. Paul, Minnesota2B+BOOTLEG: Coming From The Heart Of St Paul; Thinman
LB-767310/31/78St. Paul, Minnesota2Bfrom lk 78 series; Source:my tape
LB-993710/31/78St. Paul, Minnesota2Bversion "d", Lineage: Source: my tape (LK),
LB-1588710/31/78St. Paul, Minnesota2 audiowhore repair, audiowhore 45th anniversary
LB-070711/1/78Dane County Coliseum2BAudience Master Cassette> PCM> Betamax, Betamax >
LB-612811/1/78Madison, Wisconsin2Bversion "a"; hi, this is my first try here, hope
LB-767411/1/78Madison Wisconsin2Bfrom lk 78 series; very good to excellent sound, a
LB-181611/3/78Exhibition Hall2A-kc upgrade
LB-271911/3/78Kansas City2A-Lineaage: mono AUD>?>unknown generation tape, but
LB-772211/3/78Kansas City2A-from lk 78 series; Lineaage: mono AUD>?>unknown
LB-1189111/3/78Kansas City2A-BOOTLEG: kansas city 1978; see info file for
LB-056411/4/78Omaha NE3B 
LB-179511/4/78Civic Auditorium D+ 
LB-182211/4/78Omaha, Nebraska D+ 
LB-486911/4/78Omaha2Bversion "a"; Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-612711/4/78Omaha, Nebraska2Bversion "b"; great 1978 show, 1st generation tape
LB-772311/4/78Omaha NE2Bfrom lk 78 series
LB-057411/9/78Memorial Coliseum2C 
LB-772411/9/78Portland, Oregon2Cfrom lk 78 series; 2CDR (77min+71min), good to
LB-1489811/9/78Portland, OR2Bjems acidproject; JEMS Master via Captain Acid,
LB-150211/10/78Hec Edmondson2A-BOOTLEG: Street Legal in Seattle;
LB-674311/10/78Seattle, WA2A-BOOTLEG: Live at the Pitstop 78 - Gaza Strip; cd >
LB-772511/10/78Seattle, WA2A-BOOTLEG: Live at the Pitstop 78 - Gaza Strip; from
LB-935211/10/78Seattle2A-dd jems, incomplete; Source: audience, Lineage:
LB-935311/10/78Seattle2Ajems, Source: Audience, Lineage: Master Reels @
LB-411611/11/78Vancouver BC2B+version "a"; Lineage: Master cassette > cassette >
LB-529911/11/78Vancouver2C-version "b"; Trade CD > EAC > dBpoweramp > HD >
LB-772611/11/78VANCOUVER2B+from lk 78 series; Source: My tape (an upgrade
LB-944011/11/78Vancouver BC2B+(JTT Version), Thanks to Twin Within for uploading
LB-034911/13/78Alameda County2C+ 
LB-760711/13/78Oakland, CA2C+from lk series; good to very good sound
LB-357411/14/78Oakland2B-Low generation source > audio disks > dBpowerAMP >
LB-030311/15/78The Forum2B+from aud master
LB-373811/15/78L.A. Forum2B+"At The Forum", This one comes from dylantree.com.
LB-597111/15/78Inglewood2Bversion "b";, Audience., Equipment used : Teac
LB-773411/15/78Los Angeles2B+from lk 78 series;This is a remaster of "At the
LB-809411/15/78Inglewood, CA USA2B+BOOTLEG: One More Cup Of Coffee; Bootleg
LB-813711/15/78Inglewood2B+(Alternate Transfer, JTT), NOTE: This version was
LB-1123111/15/78Los Angeles2BBOOTLEG: manchester prayer tangerine vinyl;
LB-1256111/15/78Inglewood (Los2A-lax, -----Includes a very rare Dylan song-----,
LB-064111/17/78San Diego2C 
LB-773511/17/78San Diego2Cfrom lk 78 series;, 2CDR, (66min+53min) incomplete
LB-923111/17/78San Diego2Cversion "b", Unknown audience/transfers > Trade
LB-120911/18/78Arizona University1D-Soundcheck before the show, Source:, Versions
LB-180611/18/78A.S.U. Activities D+ 
LB-182411/18/78Arizona University D-(see More Complete Soundchecks) Soundcheck before
LB-488611/18/78Tempe2B-Unknown Audience Recording>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-773611/18/78Tempe, Arizona2Bfrom lk 78 series; Source: my tape.
LB-1535311/18/78Tempe, AZ Cdolphinsmile 48, analog master>Dat>file cloned in
LB-357611/19/78Tucson2B-Audio disks (from low-generation source)
LB-773911/19/78Tucson, Arizona2B-lk 78 series; Source: my tape (upgrade to LB-3576)
LB-455411/21/78El Paso2C- 
LB-774011/21/78El Paso2C+lk 78 series; Source: My tape
LB-1191811/21/78El Paso, Texas2C-version "b", CDR trade > XLD > flac, apa05
LB-007411/23/78LLoyd Noble Center2B- 
LB-774111/23/78Norman, OK2B-lk 78 series; very good sound, end of d1t10
LB-887511/23/78Norman, Oklahoma2Cinc jtt;, (incomplete) 1st Time Tape Transfer, JTT
LB-1253011/23/78Norman, OK2Blta, taper: unknown:, lineage:, cassette unknown
LB-222911/24/78TCCC Fort Worth TX2C+(I'm Not Ready To Be Put Out To Pasture Yet)
LB-229411/24/78Fort Worth2C-(First Sign of the Cross) (Flac), I received this
LB-774211/24/78Fort Worth2C+lk 78 series; Source: my tape. I didn't like the
LB-1057311/24/78Fort Worth, TX2Bversion "c", incomplete; Alternate but incomplete
LB-019411/26/78The Summit2Baud 1st gen,
LB-775211/26/78Houston, TX2Bfrom lk 78 series; aud 1st gen, very good to
LB-910111/26/78Houston, TX2BImproved Air Catalog Number: IA38, TITLE: untitled
LB-249911/28/78The Coliseum2B+version "a"; Source: Aud, Lineage: ? > me > you,
LB-775311/28/78Jackson2B+lk 78 series; my tape: excellent sound. Dedicated
LB-239211/29/78L.S.U. Assembly2B+Source: Aud, Lineage: the great unknown > me > you
LB-641211/29/78Baton Rouge2B+"From Low Generation Tape" JTT, Good Audience
LB-026312/1/78Mid-South Coliseum2C(bs) master aud,
LB-441412/1/78Memphis2CJTT; "Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes", Good to
LB-466212/1/78Memphis2Cversion "a"; Taper: BS, Source: Flac files from
LB-775412/1/78Memphis, Tennessee2Clk 78 series; Source: my tape. I decided not to
LB-180412/2/78Municipal Auditorium   
LB-408712/2/78NASHVILLE, TN3BJTT; Mastered From 1st Generation Tape., Transfer
LB-440712/2/78Nashville2BTaper: BS, Source: Flac files from taper.,
LB-567212/2/78NASHVILLE, TN3BFixed LB-4087, JTT; Mastered From 1st Generation
LB-803712/2/78Nashville, Tennessee2Bversion "g"; "New Transfer From Fresh 1st
LB-871612/2/78Nashville, Tennessee2Bverion "h";, I got this about six years ago., This
LB-997512/2/78Interviews 12/781B 
LB-454312/3/78Birmingham3Bversion "a"
LB-776512/3/78Birmingham2Clk 78 series; Source:my tape.
LB-820612/3/78Birmingham, AL3Bversion "c"; Source: AUD > ? > Trade CDR >
LB-1199912/3/78Birmingham, Alabama3Bversion "d"
LB-062612/5/78Mobile, AL2C+ 
LB-454212/5/78Mobile2Cversion "a"
LB-776612/5/78Mobile, AL2C+lk 78 series; Source: my tape. I didn't like the
LB-347712/7/78Greensboro2Cunknown lineage > trade cdr > eac > wav > flac;
LB-384612/7/78Greensboro2B-version "a"; analog master [Reel ?] > 2nd
LB-776712/7/78Greensboro2B-lk 78 series; Source:my tape as the LB one has a
LB-872412/7/78Greensboro2Bversion "d", Same recording as LB-7767. But I feel
LB-482312/8/78Savannah2A-Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD > Hungercity > you
LB-595112/8/78Savannah, Georgia2A-legendary taper C, cut after Maggie's Farm, Senor,
LB-776812/8/78Savannah2B+lk 78 series; Source:my tape. I didn't compare
LB-024712/9/78arolina Coliseum2A-(bs) master aud,
LB-050212/9/78Carolina Coliseum /3  
LB-462912/9/78Columbia2A-version "b"; Taper: BS, Source: Flac files from
LB-776912/9/78Columbia, SC2A-lk 78 series; (bs) master aud, excellent sound,
LB-915412/9/78Columbia2A-jtt fixed, LB-247 (Destructive Joins Fixed), THE
LB-1537012/9/78Columbia2A-version "d", Source: Aud stereo ("off master"),
LB-024512/10/78Charlotte Coliseum2A-(bs) master aud,
LB-312312/10/78Charlotte2B+maddog remaster of new transfer, This is not the
LB-462512/10/78Charlotte2A-version "a"; Taper: BS, Source: Flac files from
LB-553312/10/78Charlotte2B+version "b"
LB-709912/10/78Charlotte, NC2A-BOOTLEG: Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte; Source: AUD
LB-1507612/10/78Charlotte2A-rs audiowhore, 42nd anniversary edition, Pitch and
LB-1570812/10/78Charlotte  jtt fix, SOURCE: LB-4625, Download Flac Files
LB-068612/12/78various interviews1 BOOTLEG: The Shelter From The Storm; 6 interviews,
LB-581612/12/78Atlanta2B-incomplete; legendary taper C, lineage, ? analog
LB-705412/12/78Atlanta, Georgia2B-ssrc; legendary taper C, ? -> analog master -> DAT
LB-778312/12/78Atlanta, Georgia2Clk 78 series; Source:my tape.
LB-1541812/12/78Atlanta, GA B-old cassette tapes dolphinsmile 48, old cassette
LB-487812/13/78Jacksonville2B-Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-778412/13/78Jacksonville2Clk 78 series; source: my tape. I didn't compare my
LB-1403812/13/78Jacksonville, FL2B-dolphinsmile, very low analog>Dat>clone to me>,
LB-778512/15/78Lakeland2C-lk 78 series; source:my cd
LB-1359812/15/78Lakeland, FL Clobito 48k, Low gen cassette>Nak Cassette
LB-021212/16/78Hollywood2B+aud master,
LB-248612/16/78Hollywood2B+version "a"; Source: Aud mono, Sound quality: VG
LB-778612/16/78Hollywood, FL2B+lk 78 series; Source: My CD - dedicated to John
LB-1092912/16/78Hollywood, Florida2B+BOOTLEG: stepped forth from sins shadow; (Chrome
LB-1267512/16/78Hollywood FL B+dophinsmile 48k, analog


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