LosslessBob LB For Year 1997
LB-2295xx/xx/97various2 BOOTLEG: SONGS FROM THE SOUNDBOARD '97; no label
LB-10181xx/xx/97Recorded live in the1 BOOTLEG: mind out of time; cc, 1997-1998 Mind Out
LB-11241xx/xx/97various1B+BOOTLEG: not standing in the doorway; Not Standing
LB-15134xx/xx/97various1 BOOTLEG: e p collection 1997 98; No Label, Bootleg
LB-44112/9/97Tokyo2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-50582/9/97Tokyo2B+holy grail; Audience recording (Lego parapets) >
LB-77002/9/97Tokyo, Japan2B+version "b", * This recording is the same as
LB-118092/9/97Tokyo, Japan2Acos11 whotrader, Here's the clone from 1997-02-09.
LB-128932/9/97Tokyo Altk lta 48k, 16/48, taper:Lgendary Taper K,
LB-149232/9/97Tokyo, Japan2Aversion "h", Alternative recording to (LB-4411
LB-32792/10/97Tokyo International2A-Lineage: FLAC disc I received in a trade
LB-44122/10/97Tokyo2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-100562/10/97Tokyo, Japan2Aversion "b", Source: Audience recording > OKM II
LB-128972/10/97Tokyo Ants lta 48k, 16/48, taper: NET Taper S, lineage:,
LB-150512/10/97Tokyo, Japan A-version "f" 48k, From an old DAT (received in
LB-15472/11/97Tokyo2A-Holy Grail Recording, Enjoy!, Chuck
LB-44042/11/97Tokyo2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-129092/11/97Tokyo Aarashi lta 48k, taper: arashi, lineage:, Sanken
LB-46332/13/97Kurashiki2A-Taper: "Arashi recording", from DAT-Clone
LB-60092/13/97Kurashiki, Japan2A-Liberated Boot, Manufacturer : Oka 1327 1/2,
LB-69102/13/97Kurasiki,Japan2A-BOOTLEG: Hollis Brown At Ivy; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-129552/13/97Kurashiki, Japan A-hce m dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE M with DTR
LB-154852/13/97Kurashiki-shi A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-44612/14/97Fukuoka2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-76362/14/97Fukuoka, Japan2Aversion "b"; Taper & Equipment: unknown, Lineage:
LB-154862/14/97Fukuoka Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-44132/16/97Nagoya2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-88352/16/97Nagoya, Japan2Aversion "b";, Taper: unidentified, Source/Lineage:
LB-154872/16/97Nagoya-shi Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-15632/17/97Osaka2B+Holy Grail recording - audience recording [no
LB-106532/17/97Osaka, Japan2A-version "a", Alternative to and much better
LB-141772/17/97Osaka-Fu Altk lta 48k, ***Transfer 27-May-2019 by LTA***,
LB-154892/17/97Osaka-Fu A-sk lta 48, taper: S. K., lineage: Sonic
LB-44842/18/97Osaka2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-44872/18/97Osaka2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-154902/18/97Osaka-Fu A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-45252/20/97Sendai,Japan2B+BOOTLEG: Northern Songs; silver bootleg > eac >
LB-118102/20/97Sendai, Japan2Acos11 whotrader, I have a few Bob Dylan masters to
LB-125932/20/97Sendai, Japan Ahce m doplhinsmile 48k, taped by my friend HCE-M,
LB-154912/20/97Sendai-shi Ahwy19 lta 48, taper: hwy19, lineage: Sonic Studios
LB-154932/22/97Akita A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-46262/24/97Sapporo2A-Off DAT clone(s), Flaws/Info, d2t3 small
LB-86622/24/97Sapporo, Japan2A-BOOTLEG: Forest City Night; cd-r>EAC (secure mode
LB-152362/24/97Sapporo, Japan A-md, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out --> PCM-M10
LB-154942/24/97Sapporo Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-18563/31/97St. Johns2AHoly Grail
LB-25453/31/97St. Johns Memorial2Aversion "a";
LB-92233/31/97St. John's2AOKM II -> portable DATrecorder -> clone ->
LB-126163/31/97St. Johns2 ia101, Improved Air Remasters 101
LB-127613/31/97St. Johns Ahce b dolphinsmile 48k, taped on dat by HCE B with
LB-155363/31/97St. John's, NL Acba lta 48, taper: Cba, lineage: Soundman OKM II
LB-33554/1/97St. Johns2A- 
LB-54744/1/97St. Johns2A-Source: off master (audiocdrs directly from taper)
LB-6911xx/xx/97Various mainly 4/972 BOOTLEG: Bathed in a Stream of Pure Heat; cd >
LB-92054/1/97St. Johns2B+version "c", Holy Grail
LB-92364/1/97St. John's2A-version "d";, OKM II -> portable DATrecorder ->
LB-155074/1/97St. John's, NL A-cba lta 48, taper: Cba, lineage: Soundman OKM II
LB-33444/5/97Moncton Coliseum2Ano more info on this one........, The "NET TAPER
LB-35594/5/97Moncton2 version "a"; Audience recording, Source: Trade >
LB-88544/5/97Moncton2Anet taper J, 2 sources, bad crackling in Crash On
LB-92404/5/97Moncton2Antj version"c", Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-33874/6/97Halifax2A-Holy Grail, (audio disc) Trade > xACT > FLAC >
LB-93814/6/97Halifax2Aversion "b", OKM II -> portable DATrecorder ->
LB-126174/6/97Halifax2A-ia104, Improved Air Remasters 104
LB-152184/6/97Halifax, NS Acba lta 48, taper: Cba, lineage:, Soundman OKM II
LB-15294/7/97Fredericton2A-Holy Grail Recording
LB-126224/7/97New Brunswick2A-ia105, Improved Air Remasters 105
LB-147424/7/97Fredericton, NB2Astevemtl, Excellent performance and fine recording
LB-149064/7/97Fredericton, NB Aoecourt lta 48k, taper: oecourt, lineage:,
LB-33564/8/97Saint John2AAUD DAT Master [OKM]>A3 PreAmp>Sony TCD D7 or 8>,
LB-69124/8/97Saint Johns2ABOOTLEG: Million Miles; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-148524/8/97Saint John, NB Aoecourt lta 48k, taper: oecourt, lineage:,
LB-28974/9/97Bangor2A-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-152374/9/97Bangor, Maine A-b sonic dolphinsmile 48, taped by B with Sonic
LB-29064/10/97Portland2A-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-29614/10/97Portland2A-version "b"; Audience recording, unknown taper,
LB-149594/10/97Portland, ME2A-sonics dolphinsmile, clone from taper(Sonics and
LB-29104/11/97Durham2A-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-29644/11/97Durham2A-Unwanted Man (this is from another source, and is
LB-33484/11/97Durham2A-version "b"; No Taper info, Net Taper A again???
LB-33924/11/97Durham2A-version "c"; hofzinser cdr rip
LB-152384/11/97Durham, NH  inc lta 48, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell
LB-29114/12/97Waltham2A-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-33854/12/97Bentley College2B+version "b"; (audio disc) Trade > xACT > FLAC >
LB-76454/12/97Waltham2B+version "c"; Source: Version "B" (LB-3385) but
LB-125544/12/97Bentley College A-hce nne dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE-NNE on Dat
LB-29144/13/97Wayne2B+Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-30554/13/97Wayne2A-BEL; Source: Schoeps MK4 > KC5 active cables >
LB-71304/13/97Wayne, New Jersey2Aschoepsmk4v-fixed2; Taped By Bobby Bourbon,
LB-152194/13/97Wayne, NJ Alta 48, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-54814/15/97Northampton2A-NETA; Taper: My source attributes the recording to
LB-33574/17/97Providence2 version "a"; Lineage: CDR > dae (eac) > wav > flac
LB-54934/17/97Providence2ANETA; Taper: My source attributes this recording
LB-14044/18/97State University Of2A-JT series, Transferred from a DAT master tape
LB-33494/18/97Albany2Aversion "a"; No set-up....NET TAPER A again???
LB-121934/18/97Albany, New York, A2Aversion "d", CONTRAST CLAUSE: This is an upgrade
LB-153294/18/97Albany, NY A-schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: travitz, lineage:,
LB-153304/18/97Albany A-mk4 schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-18954/19/97Hartford2B-Holy Grail
LB-31104/19/97Hartford2A-BOOTLEG: Wicked Messenger; Manufacturer / Catalog
LB-72324/19/97West Hartford, CT2A-Taped: NAK CM300>DAT @ 44.1, Location: SBD, 80
LB-108184/19/97West Hartford2A-BOOTLEG: wicked messenger; version "f"
LB-124784/19/97Hartford, CT2A-sonic dolphinsmile, recorded on dat with sonic
LB-126204/19/97Hartford2Aia115, Of Hartford, Improved Air Remasters 115
LB-149914/19/97Hartford, CT A-nak dolphinsmile 48k, Nakamichi Mics and dat
LB-157094/19/97Hartford CT A-version "k"
LB-28704/20/97West Long Branch2A-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-41534/20/97West Long Branch2A-Taped by Travitz & Wklitz, Source: Schoeps
LB-150974/20/97West Long Branch, NJ2A-shure mic, (Two Of Us Master Series Volume 26),
LB-153314/20/97West Long Branch A-mk41 sxm2 sbm1 d7 schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-28794/22/97Indiana2ATaper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-82154/22/97Indiana2Aversion "a"; my master recording, section left,
LB-28814/24/97Utica2ATaper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-08494/25/97Reilly Center Arena2B+ 
LB-28854/25/97Olean2B+Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-107654/25/97OLEAN, NEW YORK2B+bigdaddybflo analog master, TOM DEAN ANALOG MASTER
LB-19924/27/97Boalsburg2A-from dat master
LB-28864/27/97Boalsburg2A-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-51384/27/97Boalsburg2A-Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony SBM-1(@44.1khz
LB-127754/27/97Boalsburg, PA A-schoeps dolphinsmile, Schoeps MK4V's > Sonosax
LB-19984/28/97Capitol Music Hall2A-from dat master
LB-33534/28/97Wheeling2A-version "a"; Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen
LB-115094/28/97Wheeling2A-version "d", Lineage:Unknown, received in a trade
LB-138684/28/97Wheeling, WV2A-sonic, Source: Sonic Studio DSM mics > battery box
LB-28874/29/97Muncie2A-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-133024/29/97Muncie, Indiana A-version "c" 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-29205/1/97Evansville2B-Taper: NET TAPER A, Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-86645/1/97Evansville, Indiana2C+version "b";, NO INFO ON THIS ONE
LB-33755/2/97Memphis2BAudience recording
LB-75565/2/97Memphis, Tennessee2Bversion "a"; ?? -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-75575/2/97Memphis, Tennessee2Bnet taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-76375/2/97Memphis, Tennessee2Bversion "c"; Taper & Equipment: unknown, Lineage:
LB-19705/3/97Huntsville2Bhave had a go at boosting the levels. Have also
LB-34125/3/97Huntsville2A-version "a"
LB-34155/3/97Huntsville, AL2A-version "b"
LB-75285/3/97Huntsville, Alabama2A-net taper A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-133015/3/97Huntsville, Alabama A-version "e" 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-27295/22/97Beverly Hills1A-This is from my pre cd dates, got it as an
LB-6913xx/xx/97Various1 BOOTLEG: Tour Diary 97 - On the Road to the
LB-29568/3/97Lincoln2Araw, taped by "rb-canada"; low-gen
LB-91328/3/97Lincoln2B+version "b", NEUMann Mics and dat deck;
LB-148538/3/97Lincoln, NH Arb canada lta 48k, taper: rb-canada, lineage:,
LB-29558/4/97Lenox2Araw, taped by "rb-canada"; low-gen
LB-47858/4/97Lenox2A-version "a"; Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-140008/4/97Lenox Mass.1Bnak100, 2 Nakamichi cm 100's>sony tc-d5m cassette
LB-149608/4/97Lenox, MA Arb canada lta 48k, taper: "rb-canada", lineage:,
LB-29588/5/97Montreal2A-raw, taped by "rb-canada", low-gen
LB-92898/5/97Montreal, QU2BBOOTLEG: power and greed and corruptable seed; In
LB-134888/5/97Montreal, QC A-rb dolphinsmile, taped by RB, the dude who is the
LB-147408/5/97Montreal, QC2A-stevemtl, Fine recording of Dylan and band.
LB-149648/5/97Montral, QC  rb canada 48k, taper: "rb-canada", lineage:, Radio
LB-29658/7/97Toronto2Araw, taped by "rb-canada", low-gen
LB-30518/7/97Toronto2 incomplete; Uher 240 deck, AKG CE5 Mic, Source:
LB-69148/7/97Toronto1 BOOTLEG: Can't Wait Vol. 2; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-149688/7/97Toronto, ON  rb canada lta 48k, taper: "rb-canada", lineage:,
LB-151428/7/97Toronto, Canada2Aversion "f", Alternative recording to LB-2965
LB-07628/8/97Darien Lake2A- 
LB-92968/8/97Syracuse, New York2A-version "b", unknown rec. Great sound
LB-107168/8/97DARIEN CENTER NEW2B+bigdaddybflo 1gen, FIRST GEN from the collection
LB-124988/8/97Darien Center, NY2A-version "d", brand new transfer from dat, taped on
LB-156048/8/97Darien Center, NY  scheops dolphinsmile 48, Taped with Scheops Mics
LB-70358/9/97Burgettstown2A-Lineage unknown>received in a trade>flac fronted
LB-77478/9/97Burgettstown2B+version "a"; ***** This recording is not the same
LB-139328/9/97Burgettstown, PA2B+sonic kingrue, Source : Sonic Studio DSM mics >
LB-34748/10/97Clarkston2A-trade(flac) > azareus > torrent > ....., no taper
LB-57508/12/97Scranton2A-Taper: Legendary Taper F (=Glen Dundas), Source:
LB-69368/12/97Scranton2 BOOTLEG: Cant Wait Vol.1; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-153328/12/97Scranton A-mk4v sxm2 sbm1 d100 schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-10838/13/97Hershey2A-This recording is a "gem". I heard no glitches at
LB-25768/13/97Star Pavilion2 version "a"
LB-34678/13/97Hershey2 datmaster>clone>cd>eac>flac
LB-43658/13/97Hershey2A-Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Audio disks from taper
LB-90978/13/97Hershey, PA2A-BOOTLEG: how sweet the sound; (Godfather Records
LB-128858/13/97Hershey Asonics dolphinsmile 48k, and Ani DeFranco, taped
LB-44238/15/97Holmdel2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Audio disks from taper
LB-106918/15/97Holmdel, New Jersey2A-version "d", Alternative recording to Dundas.,
LB-157888/15/97Holmdel, NJ A-taped by g dolphinsmile, taped by G with Senn2002
LB-37548/16/97Mansfield2B+Olav Remaster, With utmost bundled generosity from
LB-57698/16/97Mansfield2A-Taper: Legendary Taper F (=Glen Dundas), Source:
LB-21298/17/97Jones Beach Theater2A-Conversion: CD-r>EAC(secure)>FLAC Frontend
LB-57618/17/97Wantaugh2A-Taper: Legendary Taper F (=Glen Dundas), Source:
LB-128668/17/97Wantagh, NY Antm 48k, 16/48, NET Taper M, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-132908/17/97Wantagh, NY Aschoeps doplhinsmile 148, taped on dat with
LB-34648/18/97Wallingford2Adatmaster>clone>cd>eac>flac, There are about four
LB-74898/18/97Wallingford2Aversion "b"; (torrenters comment:"disc one is
LB-89438/18/97Wallingford2Anet taper M, Sennheiser MKE 2002 -> portable
LB-13948/20/97Mann Music Center2A 
LB-42238/20/97Philadelphia2ABOOTLEG: Clap For The Tambourine Man; Silver cd >
LB-48518/20/97Philadelphia2ARecorded By Travitz from Orchestra A Center Row F
LB-105868/20/97Philadelphia, PA2A-version "f", Alternative recording to Schoeps &
LB-153338/20/97Philadelphia2Aschoepsinthehat er reworked, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-157508/20/97Philadelphia, PA Atraviz lta, taper: travitz, lineage:, Schoeps
LB-37398/22/97Virginia Beach2A-source: recording of unknown generation. No
LB-123398/22/97Virginia Beach, VA A-nth 48k, 16/48, taper: NTH, lineage:
LB-125708/22/97Virginia Beach, VA2B+hce gw nak300 dolphinsmile, Taped by HCE-GW with
LB-128678/22/97Virginia Beach, VA A-nth 48k, 16/48, ***Second New digital S/PDIF
LB-64288/23/97Vienna, Virginia2A-low gen ALD > DAT > CD > EAC > Soundforge 6.0 > CD
LB-64298/23/97Vienna, Virginia2A-BOOTLEG: Back at Wolftrap; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-64308/23/97Vienna, Virginia3A-BOOTLEG: Weekend at Wolftrap; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-86358/23/97Vienna, VA Bacidjack 48kdatm;, An acidjack master recording,
LB-111308/23/97Vienna, VA2A-BOOTLEG: after the heart attack; Stereo Soundboard
LB-123418/23/97Wolf Trap2A-ald version "I", ALD, lineage: ALD (Assistive
LB-128508/23/97Vienna, VA A-ald dolphinsmile 48k, Hard of hearing
LB-128868/23/97Vienna, VA2A-ald lta 2, ALD, lineage: ALD (Assistive Listening
LB-153158/23/97Vienna, VA  boiledgutsofbirds 2444, Source 1: acidjack AUD
LB-64318/24/97Vienna2A-BOOTLEG: After the Heart Attack Vol II; Midas
LB-64328/24/97Vienna, Virginia2A-low gen ALD > DAT > CD > EAC > Soundforge 6.0 > CD
LB-88008/24/97Wolf Trap2A-version "b", Source: SBD>DAT, Conversion : DAT @
LB-129318/24/97Vienna, Virginia A-ald dolphinsmile 48k, Hard of hearing
LB-152208/24/97Wolf Trap A-ald lta 48, ALD, Assistive Listening Device (ALD),
LB-22518/26/97Blossom Music Center2A-AUD > ? > CD-R > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC
LB-42868/26/97Cuyahoga Falls2A-Off DAT clone(s), Taper: Net Taper A (NTA)
LB-156888/26/97Cuyahoga Falls, OH A-dolphinmile 48, Dat clone>file cloned in
LB-62038/27/97Noblesville, Indiana2Aversion "a"; dropout in Mr. Tambourine Man, ?? ->
LB-123968/27/97Noblesville A-c 48, From an old DAT (received in trade,
LB-01428/28/97World Music Theatre2A- 
LB-42448/28/97Tinley Park2A-version "a"; very good audience recording -
LB-77188/28/97Tinley Park2A-version "b"; * Seems this recording is the same as
LB-42458/29/97St. Paul2B+good audience recording - samples in comments,
LB-81788/29/97St. Paul, Minnesota2A-net taper A ?, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-20118/31/97Kansas City2Afrom dat master
LB-74278/31/97Kansas City2Aversion "a"; Taper: unidentified, Source/Lineage:
LB-81808/31/97Kansas City2Anet taper A ?, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-121958/31/97Kansas City A-version "d", clone from dat master, recorded with
LB-452010/1/97Bournemouth2B+Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversiom > Sony
LB-557610/1/97Bournemouth2B+Net taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-631910/1/97Bournemouth, England2B+ssrc; net taper I, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-691510/1/97Bournemouth2B+BOOTLEG: Tailgates & Substitutes; cd > ultraplex >
LB-1498510/1/97Bournemouth B+nti lta 48k, taper: NET Taper I, lineage:, Sonic
LB-1501410/1/97Bournemouth B+nti lta fix 48, taper: NET Taper I, lineage:,
LB-300310/2/97Bournemouth2A-Taper: Unknown, Source Direct DAT
LB-590910/2/97Bournemouth, England2A-net taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-632410/2/97Bournemouth, England2A-ssrc; net taper I, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-1161810/2/97Bournemouth2A-ebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-1521210/2/97Bournemouth A-nti lta 48, taper: Net Taper I, lineage:, Soundman
LB-515910/3/97Cardiff2A-Taper: Legendary Taper D, Source: Transferred from
LB-632710/3/97Cardiff, Wales2A-net taper I, OKMII -> portable Sony DATrecorder -
LB-633010/3/97Cardiff, Wales2ABOOTLEG: Never Mind the Bollocks; cd > ultraplex >
LB-633810/3/97Cardiff, Wales2Alegendary taper J, Sennheiser MKE 2002 -> portable
LB-826410/3/97Cardiff2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-1293210/3/97Cardiff, Wales A-okm ii dolphinsmile 48k, I got this set of shows
LB-1462610/3/97Cardiff, Wales A-dolphinsmile 48k, Cardiff, Wales, dat clone
LB-1522410/3/97Cardiff A-nti lta 48, (NTI), taper: Net Taper I, lineage:
LB-230410/5/97Wembley Arena2B+BOOTLEG: Love Sick at Wembley; crystal cat, CD >
LB-570110/5/97London2A-net taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-642410/5/97London, England2A-ssrc; net taper I, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-643410/5/97London, England2A-Legendary taper J, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-826510/5/97London2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-1161910/5/97London2A-ebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-1531610/5/97London A-nti lta 48, taper: NET Taper I, lineage:, Soundman
LB-190710/24/97tarkville2B+Source: Audience recording, Lineage: CDR > EAC >
LB-507710/24/97Starkville2B+version "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-818310/24/97Starkville2B+net taper A ?, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-201210/25/97Jackson2Afrom dat master
LB-428010/25/97Jackson2AOff DAT clone(s); Taper: Net Taper A
LB-226010/26/97Mobile Civic Center2A- 
LB-541310/26/97Mobile2A-Taper: NET Taper A, Source: transferred from DAT>
LB-631410/28/97Athens, Georgia2B+net taper K, cut/drop before Tangled Up In Blue,
LB-631810/28/97Athens, Georgia2B-version "a"; Lineage: Trade CDRs > EAC (no errors)
LB-762410/28/97Athens, Georgia2B-version "b"; Received in trade as flac, each disc
LB-607210/29/97Athens, Georgia2BLineage: Trade discs > EAC (no errors) > Frequency
LB-797910/29/97Athens, Georgia2BNTK; Lowgen audio discs received in trade from
LB-530610/30/97Columbus2BNo LB # for this date., I received this one in
LB-530710/30/97Columbus2BThis is the FIXED VERSION for my previous seed.
LB-1251910/30/97Columbus, GA2Bdolphinsmile, first time transfer from my master
LB-1252310/30/97Columbus Aversion "d" 48k, From my old DAT (received in
LB-1497210/30/97Columbus, GA2Bcm dolphinsmile, cassette master>Dat>to me,cloned,
LB-1559310/30/97Columbus, GA Bsonic dolphinsmile 48, New transfer, Sonic Studio
LB-539110/31/97Tuscaloosa2ATaper: "PDub", Source: low-gen audio disks >
LB-1493210/31/97Tuscaloosa, AL2Aversion "b", Alternative recording to LB-5391 PDub
LB-057211/1/97Thomas Wolfe2B+DAT MASTER > Cassette > Sony MDS-JE500 > optical
LB-538811/1/97Asheville2A-Taper: PDub, Source: lowgen audio disks > (Feurio)
LB-322611/2/97Columbia2ATaper: PW, Source: Audio disks in trade > (feurio)
LB-763111/2/97Columbia2Aversion "a"; Received in trade as flac from my
LB-765111/2/97Columbia2Apdub, sonics ? -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-1058211/2/97Columbia, SC2Aversion "c", Alternative recording to (PDub
LB-1299911/2/97Columbia2Ax kmi84s dolphinsmile, Taped by X with Neumanns
LB-247611/4/97Civic Auditorium2B+tape: unknown (digital aud. recording) cdr>shn,
LB-487411/4/97Knoxville2A-version "a"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-764011/4/97Knoxville, Tennessee2B-version "b"; Taper & Equipment: unknown, Lineage:
LB-1363911/4/97Knoxville, TN2A-g sonics dolphinsmile, Taped by G with Sonics and
LB-426911/5/97Huntington2A-audience recording - samples in comments, trade
LB-435011/5/97Huntington2BOff DAT clones, Taper: MKar, Info:, Drop at the
LB-741811/5/97Huntington2A-version "b"; Unidentified taper, Source/Lineage:
LB-1319911/5/97Huntington, WV  tarantula 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:, Sony
LB-1292111/7/97Columbus, Ohio B+version "b"; 48k, 16/48, lineage:, taper: unknown,
LB-375311/8/97Dayton Hara Arena2BOlav Remaster, With generous help from Christine
LB-1521311/8/97Dayton, OH Bntg lta 48, taper: NET Taper G, lineage:,
LB-331811/9/97Bloomington2ALineage: unknown, Sound: Excellent audio recording
LB-434911/9/97Bloomington2AOff DAT clone(s), Taper: NTA ;torrent comments:
LB-772011/9/97Bloomington, Indiana2Aversion "b"; ***** Not possible determining
LB-112611/11/97Lisle2A-DAT recording
LB-428311/11/97Lisle, Illinois2A-version "a"; audience recording, trade cd-r's >
LB-485411/11/97Lisle2ARecorded By Travitz, Schoeps MK4's>Schoeps
LB-904211/11/97Lisle, Illinois2Asullylove;, 13th Row Center Just a few seats off
LB-1328711/11/97Lisle, IL2Ajefft dolphinsmile, Taped by a buddy of mine Jeff
LB-273011/12/97Milwaukee2A?Aud > ? > cdr > EAC > FLAC, Notes: Major level
LB-538211/12/97Milwaukee2ATaper: "PDub", Source: low gen audio disks >
LB-945811/12/97Milwaukee, WI2A-aud dsm6p arf, master audience recording, No LB
LB-1279511/12/97Milwaukee, WI2A-hce b dolphinsmile, Taped by HCE B (AKA Mr W) with
LB-1513311/12/97Milwaukee, WI2B+version "f", Alternative recording to
LB-622311/14/97San Jose, CA2B+BOOTLEG: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere,; Exclusive
LB-622511/14/97San Jose, CA2ABOOTLEG: Private Affairs of Bob Dylan; cd >
LB-112212/1/97Atlanta2B+FOB/Schoeps CMC641>SXM2>D100
LB-302512/1/97Atlanta, Georgia1C-Two Soundchecks, it could be much better, it sound
LB-325012/1/97Atlanta, GA3B+version "a"
LB-347212/1/97Atlanta2B+version "b"; Taper: Unknown (possibly Danial),
LB-511312/1/97Atlanta1 version "c"; Soundcheck for 12/1 and 12/2
LB-651212/1/97Atlanta, GA2B+remaster of LB-3250; Taper: unknown, Dime
LB-715112/1/97Atlanta, GA2B+version "e"; Liberated Bootleg, Source:Uknown
LB-1125312/1/97Atlanta, GA2B+version "i", Alternative recording to
LB-1474312/1/97Atlanta, GA B+mk4 dolphinsmile 48k, Dat and Schoeps MK4s>clone
LB-302612/2/97Atlanta, Georgia  Soundcheck
LB-770112/2/97Atlanta, Georgia2A-version "a"; * This recording does not seem to
LB-281512/4/979:30 Club2A-CSB>SonyTCD-D7, near speaker, Transfer: 48k dat
LB-390912/5/979:30 Club2A-CSB>SonyTCD-D7, near speaker, microphone hidden
LB-059712/8/97Irving Plaza2B+ 
LB-210212/8/97Irving Plaza, NYC2ABOOTLEG: White Dove; soundboard recording, unknown
LB-693712/8/97Irving Plaza2ABOOTLEG: Tonight Ill Be Playing Here For You; cd
LB-866912/8/97New York, NY2A-fob bk4021;, SRC: B&K 4021's (FOB) > Sonosax SX-M2
LB-1190912/8/97New York NY2A-fob bk4021 ericv, Digital Master Recording, FOB
LB-1306112/8/97New York, NY A-bk4021 dolphinsmile 48k, B&K
LB-1496112/8/97New York, NY A-ericv lta taper: EricV, location: FOB slightly
LB-1508112/8/97New York, NY2Asbd noel, Recording: SBD > Master Source,
LB-1529412/8/97Irving Plaza  boiledgutsofbirds remix 2444, Source One: SRC AUD
LB-374112/9/97Boston, Ma, Avalon2Bsource: recording of unknown generation. no
LB-653212/9/97Bosto, Massachusetts2A-nak cm300; This Recording has not yet been
LB-658712/9/97Boston, MA2A-version "b"; Alternative recording to LB-3741 &
LB-479212/10/97Philadelphia2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Audio disks from taper
LB-515012/10/97Philadelphia2A-bourbon; Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-1490812/10/97Philadelphia B+version "f" 48k, From my DAT (received in trade,
LB-1533412/10/97Philadelphia, PA A-schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: Bobby Bourbon,
LB-1533512/10/97Philadelphia, PA A-schoepsinthehat split 48, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-524312/11/97Philadelphia2B+I received this one in trade as flac, part of a
LB-659312/11/97Trocadero2A-version "a"; Alternative recording to LB-5243,
LB-112012/13/97Chicago2A-FOB/Schoeps CMC641>SXM2>D100
LB-355512/13/97Chicago2 version "a"; ?>EAC(secure)>TLH(Flac lev8 + sums
LB-465612/13/97Chicago, Illinois2A-PDub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D3, D7
LB-714512/13/97Chicago, Il, USA2A-version "c"; Source: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony
LB-1543112/13/97Chicago, IL2A-schoeps dolphinsmile, Dat and Schoeps mics>clone
LB-355712/14/97Chicago2A-Audience recording; Unknown taper > ? > CDR > EAC
LB-375512/14/97Chicago2A-version "a"; incomplete; Taper Unknown, A>D
LB-1316012/14/97Chicago, IL2A-jeff t dolphinsmile, First two sons are David
LB-1317012/14/97Chicago, IL2A-complete dolphinsmile,, First two sons are David
LB-273212/16/97Los Angeles2ACDR trade -> WAV -> FLAC (level 7), no artwork,
LB-759912/16/97Los Angeles2Anet taper D, Schoeps ? -> portable DATrecorder ->
LB-1255512/16/97El Rey Theater Aschoeps dolphinsmile 48k, same as Dec 17, taped on
LB-1261912/16/97El Rey Theater2Apdub dolphinsmile, Recorded by PDub with Sony dat
LB-1314912/16/97LOS ANGELES, CA2B+version "f", D3 Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff
LB-1536912/16/97Los Angeles, CA  scheops dolphinsmile 48, Scheops mics and
LB-493212/17/97Los Angeles2AUnknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC Level 5
LB-1255612/17/97Los Angeles2Aschoeps dolphinsmile, taped by a GD enthusiast
LB-1518412/17/97Los Angeles, CA Aseverson sirmick 48, Source: Sonic Studios Dsm
LB-159812/18/97EL REY THEATER2A 
LB-245512/18/97Los Angeles2Aversion "a"; CDR trade -> WAV -> FLAC (level 8),
LB-353012/18/97Los Angeles2Asource : marcsounds > sony tcd-d3, taper : markp
LB-764112/18/97Los Angeles2Alegendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-764212/18/97Los Angeles2Anet taper D, diginoise, drop in intro, Schoeps ?
LB-764312/18/97Los Angeles2Apdub, Sonics -> portable DATrecorder -> DAT -
LB-797012/18/97Los Angeles, CA2Aversion "g"; Lineage: Trade CDR--> EAC(secure)-->
LB-800112/18/97Los Angeles, CA2Aversion "h"; Lineage: Trade CDR--> EAC(secure)-->
LB-898012/18/97Los Angeles, Ca.2Bd5scott;, Recorded by The Weasel - "Da Weez",
LB-1258912/18/97Los Angeles, CA2Aschoeps dolphinsmile, recorded by the same taper
LB-1420512/18/97Los Angeles, CA Aschoeps teddy ballgame 48k, From the Teddy
LB-090012/19/97El Rey Theater2ABOOTLEG: Even After All These Years; Dandelion, /
LB-246512/19/97El Rey Theater2AZipperman 001, Lineage: CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC,
LB-719512/19/97Los Angeles, Ca, USA2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D8,
LB-947812/19/97BOB DYLAN - "Even2ABOOTLEG: even after all these years; jtt, (Factory
LB-497812/20/97Los Angeles2APDub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D3, D7
LB-721112/20/97Los Angeles, Ca, USA2Aincomplete; Source: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony
LB-1117412/20/97Los Angeles, CA2B+BOOTLEG: oh babe it aint no lie; Lineage:
LB-1315012/20/97LOS ANGELES2B+version "g", D3 Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff


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