LosslessBob Bootleg CD - By Title
xx/xx/67 Big Pink1LB-9041
11/xx/68 Dylan's home in Woodstock, NY1LB-14505
08/31/69 Isle Of Wight1LB-8589
07/01/78 Nuremberg2LB-7929
06/22/11 Milan, Italy2LB-9709
07/02/81 A Lot Of Love Talk,White House Hotel, London, UK1LB-7198
05/21/86 A Lot Of Love Talk,R-0532 WBAI Radio interview0LB-7199
10/05/15 Waterfront BoxStockholm, Sweden2LB-12199
07/14/81"Hanging In The BalanceBad Segeberg, West Germany2LB-8539
11/16/93(And It Ain't) In The Seats Of A Supper ClubThe Supper Club, New York, NY2LB-5406
10/30/1502 GuildhallSouthampton, England2LB-12279
03/11/9512/- A PoundPrague, Czech Republic2LB-6877
xx/xx/651965 Revistedcollection14LB-6674
xx/xx/841984 soundboard collectionvarious10LB-15775
xx/xx/951995 european tour anthologyvarious5LB-10722
xx/xx/8920/20 VisionVarious2LB-6805
02/25/012001 first showSaitama, Japan2LB-12276
11/13/022nd Amazing Night!New York City, New York2LB-7634
12/06/627 years of bad luckNew York Outtakes 1LB-6977
06/19/8484 revisitedRome, Italy2LB-14777
07/07/8484 revisitedLondon, England2LB-14778
12/03/198Th Beacon THNew York, New York0LB-14822
06/29/81A Bird's Nest In Your HairLondon, England, Earl's Court2LB-0018
11/26/75A Dark Night on the Spanish StairsAugusta Maine Civic Center2LB-6068
11/27/10a different set of rulesMashantucket, CT2LB-10948
xx/xx/69A DOG THAT TALKS A FISH THAT WALKSStudio Outtakes2LB-3113
07/04/87A Dream Come TrueFoxboro, MA1LB-6773
06/09/84A Dying Voice Within MeGothenburg, Sweden2LB-6975
xx/xx/83A Friend to the Martyr (Outfidels)Power Station1LB-6366
11/21/79A Higher Calling to an Ordinary PeopleSanta Monica, CA2LB-7060
02/15/98A Knife, a Fork, a Bottle, a CorkToledo, Ohio2LB-6447
xx/xx/61a long time a growinvarious 19616LB-11743
xx/xx/85A Man With No AlibiEmpire Burlesque2LB-3312
03/23/95A Million Faces at my FeetBrussels, Belgium2LB-6641
12/03/80a musical retrospectivePortland, Oregon3LB-9015
02/26/78A Night to RememberOsaka, Japan2LB-6733
xx/xx/60a rare batch of little white wondervarious2LB-12112
xx/xx/67A Tree With RootsThe Genuine Basement Tape4LB-2814
xx/xx/67a tree with roots - white bearA Tree With Roots4LB-11201
05/xx/66A week in the LifeEngland1LB-6687
xx/xx/75abandoned desirevarious2LB-9728
09/16/00Aberdeen 2000Aberdeen Scotland2LB-0895
05/16/98Above the Mighty BeastGeorge, WA2LB-7260
05/19/98absolutely sweet california,San Jose, CA, San Jose Arena1LB-12505
xx/xx/62Acetates on the Tracks Vol. 1 (1962-1965)Various Studio sessions1LB-6643
xx/xx/65Acetates on the Tracks Vol. 2 (1965-1974)Various1LB-6671
xx/xx/74Acetates on the Tracks Vol. 3 (1974-1984)Various Studio sessions1LB-6702
xx/xx/64Acetates on the Tracks Volume 4 1964-94Various1LB-6658
xx/xx/65achilles is in your alleyway,various0LB-15411
xx/xx/76acoustic thundervarious1LB-10562
11/04/61Acoustic TroubadorCarnegie Hall1LB-6631
02/24/86across the borderlineSydney2LB-12346
xx/xx/99across the borderlinevarious2LB-11169
08/03/02after 37 years bring it all back to newportNewport, Rhode Island2LB-11043
xx/xx/67After the Crash Vol 1US2LB-6690
xx/xx/85after the empirerehearsals1LB-12273
08/23/97after the heart attackVienna, VA2LB-11130
08/24/97After the Heart Attack Vol IIVienna, Virginia, Vienna, VA2LB-6431
11/16/94Afternoon AcousticSony Music Studios1LB-7089
11/10/80Ain't Slept In Three Days,San Francisco, California2LB-6993
03/06/22Albuquerque 2022Albuquerque0LB-15670
xx/xx/60Alias: The Sideman Story Vol 1, 2, 3,4Various Sidemen4LB-6619
xx/xx/60Alias: The Sideman Story Vol 5Various Sidemen1LB-6620
06/14/99All AboardEugene, Oregon1LB-2460
10/20/94All Along the RoselandNew York City2LB-5794
10/31/64All Hallows' Eve & MorePhilharmonic Hall2LB-0441
10/31/64all hallows eve 1964 vinylNew York City, New York0LB-15203
10/31/64all hallows eve and moreNew York City, New York2LB-10706
03/15/10all precious giftsOsaka, Japan2LB-9506
06/20/89all roads lead to romeRome, Italy2LB-10958
07/07/84all roads lead to wembleyLondon, England2LB-14473
06/19/89All the Way Down to ItalyItaly2LB-6804
05/01/70almost went to see elvisColumbia Records Studio B1LB-9382
05/01/70Almost Went To See ElvisStudio Sessions 1969/19701LB-8343
05/01/70almost went to see elvisNashville and NYC1LB-7960
04/11/02almost worth a prizeBerlin, Germany2LB-12075
xx/xx/75alternate live desirevarious1LB-11248
xx/xx/63alternate live freewheelinvarious0LB-14760
xx/xx/83alternate live infidelsvarious0LB-14745
xx/xx/67alternate live john wesley hardingvarious0LB-14744
xx/xx/01alternate live love and theft 0LB-14746
xx/xx/79alternate live slow train comingvarious1LB-11240
xx/xx/64alternate live the times are a changinvarious1LB-10987
08/29/94Always On My Mind Vol. 1Detroit2LB-6617
07/03/96Always On My Mind Vol. 2Konstanz, Gernany1LB-6905
04/10/09Amsterdam First EveningAmsterdam, Holland2LB-8059
04/10/09Amsterdam First EveningAmsterdam, Holland2LB-7681
04/11/09Amsterdam Second EveningAmsterdam, Holland2LB-7684
04/12/09Amsterdam Third EveningAmsterdam, Holland2LB-7685
03/25/09ancient footprintsSpektrum, Oslo, Norway2LB-9509
07/08/96Ancient OdesUdine, Italy2LB-6906
10/31/06And a cannon ball blew my eyes awayMadison, Wisconsin2LB-8691
02/21/93And the Never Ending Tour BandPetange, Luxembourg2LB-6846
04/28/02and then i landed in brusselsBrussels, Belgium2LB-10887
05/23/84Angel Of RainBeverly Theater2LB-7910
03/02/78another side of budokanTokyo, Country: Japan2LB-9613
03/03/78another side of budokanan2LB-9614
03/04/78another side of budokanTokyo, Country: Japan2LB-9615
10/30/91Answer MeTulsa, OK2LB-6826
02/08/93Apollo LandingLondon - Hammersmith Apollo2LB-6841
05/xx/94Are You ExperiencedThe Great Music Experience1LB-0558
04/12/63Are You Now or Have You Ever BeenNYC Town Hall & Carnegie Hall1LB-8543
04/01/76Are you ready for the CarnivalRehearsals1LB-6721
06/09/64As Good As It GetsUltimate Emmet Grogan Acetates2LB-8603
01/10/74As I Went Out One EveningToronto, Ontario, Canada2LB-7073
02/20/78at budokan early chapterTokyo, Japan2LB-15043
06/01/65At The BeebBBC Studios, London England1LB-0853
06/09/98At the Globe ArenaStockholm, Sweden3LB-6920
09/03/65at the hollywood bowlLos Angeles, California0LB-15161
01/06/74At the Spectrum 1974Philadephia2LB-6922
02/27/99ATLANTIC CITYAtlantic City, NJ2LB-3191
11/11/99augusta 99Augusta, Maine2LB-11014
10/09/11Autumn in GlasgowGlasgow,Scotland2LB-10111
07/25/81AvignonAvignon, France2LB-6748
07/25/81avignon revisiteAvignon, France2LB-9914
05/10/66away from the pastBristol, England2LB-9424
08/23/97Back at WolftrapVienna, Virginia2LB-6429
09/03/65Back In Hollywood Bowl 1965Hollywood, California1LB-5546
04/23/99Back to MarseilleMarseille, France, Le Dome2LB-2762
xx/xx/63baez years 1963 1964source: various 63-641LB-11009
06/30/12ballad of paddock woodPaddock Wood, England2LB-10836
08/12/03ballroom swingingNew York, NY2LB-11036
11/27/75bangor bizarreBangor, Marine2LB-11230
11/27/75bangor maine vinylBangor, Maine1LB-9036
02/08/63Banjo Tape & New York City TownhallNY1LB-6653
xx/xx/97Bathed in a Stream of Pure HeatVarious mainly 4/972LB-6911
06/01/65bbc in concert 1965Date: 1 June 1965 (date of1LB-9560
06/01/65BBC Studios 1965BBC Studios1LB-7561
xx/xx/69be my guestVarious1LB-14346
10/10/89Beacon Blues AgainNYC1LB-6807
01/31/74Before and After the FloodMadison Square Garden, NYC2LB-6707
05/03/63Before the Flood and after the fireChicago - Studs Terkel Wax1LB-6627
02/14/74before the flood completedLos Angeles, California4LB-10164
xx/xx/61beginning of a legendvarious1LB-11085
04/20/05Beginning To Hear VoicesVerona, NY2LB-8420
03/28/09behind the sunMalm, Sweden2LB-9510
06/11/91Belgrad 91Belgrad, Yugoslavia1LB-6821
06/26/01Bergen 2001Bergen2LB-0412
06/26/01Bergen 2001Bergen, Norway2LB-7706
06/10/88berkeley 1988Berkeley2LB-15028
10/11/02Berkeley 2002Berkeley2LB-10176
10/11/02Berkeley 2002Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA2LB-1003
10/11/02Berkeley 2002Berkeley California2LB-8674
04/11/02Berlin 2002Berlin, Germany2LB-9397
04/11/02Berlin 2002Berlin, Germany2LB-1005
04/11/02Berlin 2002Berlin2LB-10179
04/11/02berlin arenaBerlin2LB-12080
03/22/09Berns 2009Stockholm, Sweden2LB-8788
xx/xx/75best of rtr 1975 phasecorrectedbycaptainacidvarious0LB-14863
xx/xx/76best of rtr 1976 phasecorrectedbycaptainacidvarious0LB-14864
06/07/78Best WishesLos Angeles2LB-6736
06/24/98Bette Davies StyleBirmingham England2LB-6921
xx/xx/81between saved and shotShot Of Love sessions studio1LB-8837
04/01/78Beyond The Shadow Of A DoubtSydney, Australia2LB-6528
06/29/96Big Bob and Holding CompanyLondon, England, Hyde Park1LB-6466
09/20/00Birmingham 2000Birmingham UK2LB-2461
05/10/02Birmingham 2002Birmingham2LB-0843
11/18/05Birmingham 2005Birmingham, UK2LB-3810
04/17/07Birmingham 2007Birmingham2LB-5275
07/15/78BlackbusheBackbushe, England3LB-6739
07/15/78blackbushe 1978Camberley, Surrey, England2LB-13595
07/15/78blackbushe city limitsBlackbushe Aerodrome Camberley3LB-10704
07/10/04Bleeding ShadowsMotril, Spain2LB-7703
07/10/04BLEEDING SHADOWSMotril2LB-2370
12/04/79blessed be the nameAlbuquerque, NM2LB-10990
08/06/02blind willie in nova scotiaHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada2LB-12074
xx/xx/65blonde on blonde sessionsThe Blonde On Blonde Studio1LB-9104
05/18/76Blood & ThunderOklahoma1LB-6729
12/05/79blood of the lambAlbuquerque, New Mexico2LB-15714
09/xx/74Blood on the TapesBlood on the Tracks Outtakes1LB-6711
xx/xx/73BLOOD ON YOUR SADDLEPat Garrett And Billy The Kid2LB-2907
06/30/88Blown Out On The TrailJones Beach2LB-6795
10/08/94Blue Eyed Boston BoyOrpheum, Boston,MA2LB-6874
06/25/95Bob and JerryRFK Stadium & Warfield3LB-6884
09/23/00Bob Dylan - Cardiff International Arena,International Arena2LB-0047
09/14/00Bob Dylan - Dublin Point TheatreThe Point Theatre2LB-0049
09/13/00Bob Dylan - Dublin Vicar StDublin Vicar St, Ireland2LB-0050
09/29/00Bob Dylan - Frankfurt JahrhunderthalleJahrhunderthalle Menuhin Saal2LB-0052
09/19/00Bob Dylan - Newcastle Telewest Arena,Telewest Arena2LB-0051
04/12/63Bob Dylan In ConcertNYC - Town Hall1LB-6656
11/16/80bob dylan with jerry garciaWarfield, San Francisco2LB-15349
04/xx/63Bob Dylan's Dream Vol IIThe Bear, Chicago1LB-6659
02/01/90Bob Dylan's Politcal WorldHammersmith Odeon, London1LB-6810
10/16/92BobFest RehearsalsMadison Square Garden, NYC2LB-6837
03/31/95Bob's Full HouseLondon2LB-5785
06/11/04bonnaroo 2004Manchester, Tennessee2LB-12083
07/24/86bonner springs 1986 soundboardBonner Springs, Kansas3LB-15707
04/21/18bootleg whiskeyBielefeld, Germany0LB-13661
xx/xx/99Boots of Spanish TreasureVarious1LB-6951
07/06/78Border Beneath the SunParis - pavillion de paris2LB-6738
07/03/78BORDER BENEATH THE SUN VOLUME 2Paris, France2LB-8580
07/03/01Borgholm 2001Borgholm2LB-0417
11/09/79Born Already RuinedSan Francisco, CA2LB-8212
11/21/75Boston 1975 CompleteBoston, Boston Music Hall3LB-7100
11/18/12boston 2012Boston, Massachusetts2LB-10712
xx/xx/79Both Ends of the Rainbowinterviews1LB-8321
10/13/09boulevards of broken carsLos Angeles, CA4LB-10940
06/21/89Bound To Cross The LineCava Dei Tirreni, Italy1LB-8351
05/05/02Bournemouth 2002Bournemouth2LB-0845
06/xx/93Breadcrumb SinsEurope2LB-6848
02/07/94Breakfast in YokohamaYokohama2LB-6856
05/04/02Brighton 2002Brighton2LB-0839
xx/xx/66british judas concertsBritain various3LB-10221
07/12/19british summer time 19London, England0LB-14527
03/31/95Brixton BluesLondon2LB-5786
xx/xx/62broadsides ballads and bluesMarch-October 19624LB-9622
04/xx/89broken days"Oh Mercy Outtakes"1LB-9372
10/11/11brothers in nottinghamNottingham UK3LB-9942
04/28/02Brussels 2002Brussels2LB-0292
04/28/02Brussels 2002Brussels, Belgium2LB-9399
06/07/84brussels affair 1984 revisitedBrussels, Belgium2LB-15172
03/14/01budokan revisited 2001Tokyo, Japan2LB-11050
06/10/89buffalo skinnersThe Hague, The Netherlands1LB-15059
11/13/80Burning of the PageSan Francisco, CA2LB-7266
07/03/88By The Waterfront DocksPortland1LB-5582
10/17/03by the waterfront docksHamburg, Germany4LB-8864
11/21/03bye and byeBirmingham, UK2LB-15130
11/21/03Bye and ByeBirmingham, England, NEC2LB-1513
02/24/86Bye Bye JohnnyAustrailia - Westwood One1LB-8379
05/21/98CALIFORNIA OR BUSTUCLA-Los Angeles, CA2LB-3128
07/05/90Can You Please Tell MeWhat I'm Doing Here?Berlin1LB-6814
08/12/97Can’t Wait Vol.1Scranton, Pennsylvania2LB-6936
xx/xx/61candy manvarious Minnesota Hotel Tapes1LB-15037
08/07/97Can't Wait Vol. 2Toronto1LB-6914
05/06/02Cardiff 2002Cardiff2LB-0844
05/06/02Cardiff 2002Cardiff, Wales2LB-9413
11/07/15carre amsterdam 2015Amsterdam2LB-12280
10/16/92Celebration NightMadison Square Garden, NYC2LB-8790
xx/xx/62ceremonies of the horseman vinyl(Witmark Demos compilation)1LB-9711
10/18/78Changing of a Religious SeekerChicago Stadium2LB-7664
07/09/86Charlie's ChoiceProvidence RI(Hampton1LB-6768
07/05/09CHASING A SHADOWRothbury, Michigan2LB-7943
01/04/74Chicago 1974Chicago, Chicago Stadium1LB-5586
11/03/21Chicago 2021Chicago, IL0LB-15374
11/10/81Child's BalloonNew Orleans2LB-6329
10/10/64Chimes Of PhiladelphiaTown Hall, Philadelphia, PA2LB-3422
07/23/96Christiania (part1)Copenhagen, Denmark2LB-5955
07/24/96Christiania (part2)Copenhagen, Denmark2LB-5956
xx/xx/65church with no upstairsStudio Outtakes 1965-19663LB-9105
xx/xx/60church with no upstairs vinyl transfer jttChurch With No Upstairs (Vinyl0LB-14861
03/24/10circus in palette townTokyo, Japan2LB-9884
06/01/65circus is in townBBC broadcast session (London1LB-11310
08/20/97Clap For The Tambourine ManPhiladelphia2LB-4223
xx/xx/85classic airwavesvarious dates and locations0LB-15424
12/03/65Classic Interviews 1965-1966The Classic Interviews 19651LB-2490
07/16/86clean cut gigNew York2LB-10642
xx/xx/85Clean CutsEmpire Burlesque sessions1LB-6364
xx/xx/81clover studio 1981Clover Studio1LB-15368
06/18/00Columbia Recorded ArtistWashington State2LB-2135
06/18/00columbia recorded artistGeorge, Washington2LB-9333
11/16/90columbus 1990Columbus, Ohio2LB-11884
08/03/86Come Baby Rock MeThe Forum, LA1LB-6769
07/05/09coming down high street to rothbury fieldRothbury Music Festival, MI2LB-10921
10/31/78Coming From The Heart Of St PaulSt. Paul, Minnesota2LB-6682
09/xx/74complete blood on the tracksBlood on the Tracks Outtakes2LB-10621
05/23/76Complete Hard RainFort Collins, Colorado2LB-7101
11/25/76Complete Last WaltzWinterland, San Francisco4LB-6427
11/16/93complete supper club recordingsSupper Club, New York, NY, USA4LB-13272
11/17/94Completely UnpluggedMTV2LB-6426
08/01/71concert for bangladesh completeNew York City, New York3LB-9568
11/16/79Contract with the Lord Part 1 & 2Fox Warfield Theater, SF2LB-6744
04/08/02Copenhagen 2002Copenhagen2LB-0094
xx/xx/86Covering ThemUSA1LB-6763
11/21/75Cowboy Angel BluesBoston Music Hall2LB-4509
11/07/95Cracked Bells in a Busted BarnDallas Music Complex, Texas2LB-6969
05/11/96Crazy SorrowBuffalo, NY2LB-8337
05/03/76Creatures Void of FormNew Orleans1LB-6724
06/30/99crossroadsNew York, New York1LB-10464
10/25/96Dallas, TexasDallas, TX2LB-6909
07/14/96Dance Beneath the Diamond SkyCottbus, Germany2LB-6907
11/22/87Dancing in the DarkRehearsal for 88 tour2LB-6787
01/12/90Dancing In The DarkToad, s Place1LB-8297
05/03/76dared to be freeNew Orleans, LA1LB-11091
02/10/02Dark Suit & White Cowboy HatCricket Arena2LB-2164
01/30/78Darkness at the Break of NoonRundown Rehearsals1LB-6600
10/30/75dasuye nhkPlymouth, MA2LB-15882
11/04/75dasuye nhkProvidence, RI3LB-15883
02/09/74Day And Night,Seattle, WA2LB-3663
07/16/12day of wine and rosesBarolo, Italy2LB-10834
04/xx/76days before hard rain dymamiteClearwater rehearsals1LB-15270
03/27/07Debaser 2007Stockholm2LB-5270
08/14/94decades 61 94 disk7Saugerties, NY1LB-15079
07/10/04Deep Beneath the WavesMotril, Spain2LB-2557
06/15/88DENVER 1988Denver, Colorado2LB-7234
xx/xx/65Dimestore MedicineDimestore Medicine2LB-0804
02/12/94Dinner in OsakaOsaka2LB-6858
05/23/84Dirty LiesLos Angeles - Beverly Theater2LB-6752
05/23/84DIRTY LIES 3Beverly Theater rehearsals1LB-8353
05/11/76Discover BrokenSan Antonio1LB-6727
11/05/98disobeyed his ordersCollege Park, MD2LB-11003
09/06/61Documents of Bob Dylan Vol 3First GasLight1LB-6630
xx/xx/63Does Anybody Have an E HarmonicaHollow Horn Reference2LB-4919
01/xx/98Does the Big AppleMadison Square Garden, NYC2LB-6916
03/27/09dont dare winkJnkping, Sweden2LB-10977
04/18/94dont dream your life, live your dreamRiviera Theatre1LB-9955
10/07/02DON'T POKER IN THE RED BLUFFRed Bluff, CA0LB-8348
05/11/00DON'T TALK TO STRANGERSCologne2LB-7454
06/09/84dont think twiceGothenburg, Sweden2LB-11932
09/27/00Don't Waste Your WordsThe Ahoy2LB-1999
09/27/00DON'T WASTE YOUR WORDSAhoy (Rotterdam, Holland)2LB-1530
09/15/87dortmund 1987Dortmund, West Germany1LB-11064
06/14/99down along the coveEugene, Oregon2LB-11094
xx/xx/67Down In The BasementSaugerties, NY1LB-6691
04/11/83Down in the FloodPower Station, NY1LB-6750
03/15/95Down in the FloodAschaffenburg, Germany1LB-6878
04/11/83Down In The Flood (Infidels Outtakes)Power Station, New York1LB-8066
08/19/98Down Under The LoungeMelbourne, Australia2LB-7000
xx/xx/62Dr Zimmermans Original Old Time Hootenanyvarious1LB-8601
02/25/99dressed up like a squirePortland, Maine2LB-9627
06/11/88Driftin Too Far From the ShoreMountain View1LB-6637
09/07/08Driven from the Mission GroundsSanta Barbara, California2LB-7263
04/11/95dublin final 1995Dublin, Ireland2LB-12285
02/24/86dueling banjosAustralia and Washington1LB-9373
03/23/75DuetsSnack Benefit and Warfield2LB-6714
10/12/92Dust My BroomeBinghampton, NY2LB-6836
10/12/89dust upon the hudsonNew York, NY2LB-10967
xx/xx/65dylan 65 revisitedvarious1LB-15041
11/11/03dylan amsterdamAmsterdam, The Netherlands2LB-11887
01/14/74dylan and the band return vinylBoston0LB-15932
04/11/95Dylan Gets to the PointThe Point, Dublin, Eire2LB-6880
05/xx/70dylan harrison sessions vinyl1970 studio sessions1LB-9521
07/12/87Dylan Plays DeadGiants Stadium1LB-6778
02/xx/61Dylan RootsNew Jersey1LB-6629
xx/xx/97e p collection 1997 98various1LB-15134
06/20/78Earls CourtLondon, England1LB-6548
06/19/78earls court 1978London, England2LB-11886
06/29/15early roman emperorRome, Italy2LB-15095
05/xx/61early years vol1Minnesota Party Tape1LB-10879
12/22/61early years vol2Minnesota Hotel Tape1LB-10880
09/17/87east berlin 1987East Berlin, East Germany1LB-10344
09/17/87east berlin 1987East Berlin, East Germany1LB-11066
05/07/80East Coast BondageHartford2LB-8280
04/10/09Easter TrilogyAmsterdam, The Netherlands2LB-11012
04/11/09easter trilogyAmsterdam, The Netherlands2LB-11013
04/12/09easter trilogyAmsterdam, The Netherlands2LB-11015
10/23/98Eating Caviar In a King-Sized Bed,Minneapolis Target Center2LB-1261
xx/xx/61EchoesVarious early radio & TV2LB-0415
02/23/08Electric Blues Nite Crash,Dallas2LB-7050
10/13/02elvis is back in the buildingLake Tahoe, NV3LB-11052
10/30/02emerged to find jesusSt.Paul, Minnesota2LB-9632
xx/xx/64Emmett Grogan Acetates and Other Rarities 1LB-2876
10/20/78endless roadRichfield, Ohio2LB-10749
04/19/66enigmatic story of a boy and his dog vinyl ripMelbourne Australia1LB-12284
07/15/78Eric Clapton - BlackbusheBlackbushe Aerodrome2LB-6665
06/20/96Escaping on the Run Vol 1Utrecht2LB-6899
06/21/96Escaping on the Run Vol 2Utrecht2LB-6900
05/23/84essential 1984 tour rehearsalsLos Angeles, CA2LB-14943
06/13/23europe box 2023 volume 4 crystal catRough And Rowdy In Granada &6LB-15879
12/19/97Even After All These YearsEl Rey Theater2LB-0900
12/19/97even after all these yearsBOB DYLAN - "Even After All2LB-9478
xx/xx/63Even Harder to Find: Lost Recording 1962-86Various1LB-6660
06/12/98Everything Looks Far AwayHamburg, Germany2LB-6942
06/12/98Everything Looks Far AwayHamburg, Germany2LB-2600
xx/xx/93Exclusive Series '93Live in 931LB-6838
07/xx/94Exclusive Series '94Live in 941LB-6864
xx/xx/95Exclusive Series '95Live in 951LB-6876
xx/xx/96Exclusive Series '96Live in 961LB-6895
06/09/84Extra DylanGothenburg, Sweden2LB-9260
07/12/96Eyes of the IdolMagdeburg, Germany2LB-6382
03/30/95F*** the Play ListLondon2LB-5784
07/16/16fallen angels in summerPortand, Maine0LB-12459
10/18/78False Idols FallChicago, Illinois2LB-7564
02/24/78Far East Tour 1978Osaka, Japan3LB-4143
12/08/75FarewellNew York City, New York2LB-8304
11/15/80Farewell BloomfieldSan Francisco, California2LB-6571
07/04/86Farm Aid 1986Rich Stadium2LB-3309
06/18/11feis 2011london, UK2LB-9946
11/24/05Fifth EveningLondon2LB-3816
02/12/93Fifth Time AroundHammersmith2LB-6843
01/20/73final themePat Garrett & Billy1LB-10341
04/12/63Find Out WhyHollow Horn Reference2LB-4918
07/02/62finjan club bdaFinjan Club Montreal1LB-14617
06/17/17firefly music festival 2017Dover, Delaware0LB-13064
03/23/10First And Last Time Standing In TokyoTokyo, Japan, Zepp Tokyo6LB-8640
03/29/10First And Last Time Standing In Tokyo - Last NightTokyo, Japan2LB-8637
09/24/00First EveningPortsmouth, Guildhall2LB-4862
11/20/05First EveningLondon2LB-3815
10/05/00First Evening 2000London Wembley Arena2LB-0922
11/16/93First SupperNew York - Supper Club2LB-6853
04/13/66FIRST TIME AROUNDSydney, Australia2LB-7963
12/01/75Flagging Down the Double E'sMaple Leaf Gardens, Toronto2LB-6719
10/01/87flames in verona 1987Verona, Italy1LB-11049
xx/xx/87flames on the italian streetsvarious fall tour6LB-10964
09/12/87Flames on the italian streetsModena, Italy1LB-9978
09/13/87Flames on the italian streetsPalasport, Turin, Italy1LB-9979
10/01/87Flames on the italian streetsVerona, Italy1LB-9980
10/03/87Flames on the italian streetsRome, Italy1LB-9981
10/04/87Flames on the italian streetsMilan, Italy1LB-9983
10/08/87Flashing for the RefugesBrussels, Belgium1LB-6784
06/20/04fleadh festival london 2004London, England2LB-11054
xx/xx/64Folk RogueVarious1LB-6670
xx/xx/61folksinger humdingervarious2LB-15039
01/13/62Folksinger's ChoiceCynthia Gooding Radio Show, NY1LB-6962
xx/xx/91food for your earsVarious 1991 & 1992 venues1LB-9915
xx/xx/62For Somebody By SomebodyHollow Horn Reference2LB-4917
02/24/97Forest City NightSapporo, Japan2LB-8662
09/02/95Forever YoungRock & Roll Hall of Fame 1LB-6891
06/27/98forever youngLondon, England2LB-10326
xx/xx/66forever young secret historyvarious1LB-10115
01/25/74Fort Worth 1974Fort Worth2LB-6923
xx/xx/75Four Times AroundVarious1LB-8061
11/23/05Fourth EveningLondon2LB-3818
04/08/99fourth time around in portugalPortugal2LB-11234
07/04/87FoxboroFoxboro, MA - Sullivan Stadium1LB-6774
05/07/65free trade hall 1965Manchester, England1LB-8736
11/xx/62Freewheelin OuttakesStudio1LB-6647
08/30/92Friend of the DevilMinneapolis2LB-6835
05/03/76Friends And Other StrangersNew Orleans, LA, Warehouse2LB-6177
11/25/76friends other strangersWinterland, San Francisco, CA0LB-15717
xx/xx/61friends will arrivestudio sessions as sideman2LB-9057
xx/xx/72friends will disappearstudio sessions as sideman2LB-9058
05/08/92From Broadway to the Milky WayBekekey1LB-6832
01/31/90from grand rex to hammersmithParis, France3LB-11885
02/27/08From Nassau to MexicoMexico City, Mexico2LB-7046
07/26/64From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street in LANewport & LA2LB-6666
07/26/64From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street in LAvarious - From Newport to the2LB-0584
03/30/76from paradise to shangri laShangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA2LB-11374
09/24/00FROM PORTSMOUTH TO PARISPortsmouth, UK2LB-7459
06/28/84From The Coast Of BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain2LB-8356
06/28/84From the Coast of BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain2LB-6757
07/01/93From the Coast of BarcelonaBarcelona, Spain2LB-6849
xx/xx/65from the heart vol1various studio1LB-11031
xx/xx/65from the heart vol1CBS Studio A, NY1LB-11029
05/07/65from the heart vol2Manchester, UK1LB-11032
xx/xx/65from the heart vol3various live1LB-11033
xx/xx/84From the Mountains of MadridVarious Europe1LB-6755
xx/xx/98From the VaultsVarious2LB-6938
xx/xx/98from the vaults vol2Live tracks 1992-1998 from www2LB-11039
03/15/08Full House in Buenos AiresBuenos Aires, Argentina2LB-7043
11/29/80full moon faithSeattle, Washington2LB-11227
06/27/11Funen Village, Odense 2011Odense, Denmark, Funen Village2LB-9717
07/07/86gambling for supportWashington, DC0LB-15963
10/xx/62Gaslight TapesGaslight Cafe, NYC1LB-6625
03/07/01gates of edenOSAKA,Japan2LB-11684
07/04/92genoa 1992Genova, Italy2LB-10453
xx/xx/67genuine basement tapes wild wolfbasement tapes5LB-11058
xx/xx/61Genuine Bootleg SeriesVarous3LB-6621
xx/xx/61Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2Various3LB-6622
xx/xx/61Genuine Bootleg SeriesVolume 4Fourth Time Around3LB-5709
xx/xx/74Genuine Hard to Find Volume 2Various74-951LB-6703
xx/xx/66genuine live 1966various10LB-9438
xx/xx/66genuine live 66Various8LB-8913
xx/xx/88genuine net covers collection 1988 2000Various live performances of9LB-14392
xx/xx/61Genuine Series -The Third One Now - GBS3Various3LB-6623
xx/xx/88george harrison pirate songsvsrious1LB-11492
10/17/87george was hereLondon1LB-9271
07/08/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 1Munich2LB-6888
07/12/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 2Dortmond2LB-6889
05/10/66Get LoudBristol, England2LB-6685
11/21/75Get Ready! Tonight Bob's Staying Here With YouBoston & Toronto2LB-4508
08/01/90Getting Harder & Harder To See A New SunriseVarious Usa2LB-6816
11/17/94ghost of electricityMTV Unplugged - Sony Studios2LB-12130
10/30/65give the anarchist a cigaretteHartford Connecticut1LB-9490
09/17/00Glasgow 2000Glasgow2LB-3291
02/xx/61Gleason Home TapeGleason Home Tape1LB-2862
03/23/09Globen 2009Stockholm, Sweden2LB-8789
03/28/07Globen Stockholm 2007Stockholm, Sweden, Globe Arena2LB-5254
11/16/80go ahead with a deadSan Francisco, California1LB-15025
01/01/81GOD ONLY KNOWSspecial rider and shot of love1LB-8354
07/12/78going going gothenburg vinylGothenburg, Sweden1LB-10799
xx/xx/76Going Going GuamGoing Going Guam4LB-0388
xx/xx/76going going guam omsGoing Going Guam4LB-15030
05/11/92Going To ArlingtonSanta Barbara, CA2LB-6639
xx/xx/62golden unplugged albumvarious1LB-15367
xx/xx/88Golden VanityVarious 88-921LB-6788
04/20/80GospellerMassey Hall (Toronto, ON)2LB-1247
04/20/80GospellerMassey Hall2LB-1871
02/09/02got a line on youAtlanta, GA2LB-11078
11/10/79got to be holySan Francisco California2LB-10925
09/25/87got you by the heelGothenburg, Sweden2LB-10909
06/29/01Gothenburg 2001Goteberg2LB-0420
06/29/01Gothenburg 2001Gothenburg2LB-8437
07/15/14Gothenburg 2014Gothenburg, Sweden2LB-11815
08/22/18Gotta Serve Somebody,Newcastle, Australia0LB-13907
xx/xx/62Great White Wonder vol. 2Compilation 62-921LB-6642
xx/xx/61great white wonder vinylgreat white wonder vinyl2LB-11200
09/12/93Great WoodsGreat Woods, Mansfield, MA2LB-1258
10/31/64Greatest Hits LiveLive Various1LB-6667
xx/xx/65greatest single ever madeHighway 61 Interactive1LB-11503
xx/xx/65greatest song of all timeLike a Rolling Stone0LB-15317
05/27/95Guided by the Eternal LightMonterrey, CA2LB-6882
08/12/03Guitar Boogie ShuffleHammerstein, NYC2LB-7061
05/17/66Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary FixManchester Free Trade Hall2LB-6688
11/09/92gulf coast highwaySarasota, Florida2LB-11010
08/31/69GWW BELLE ISLEIsle Of Wight1LB-8591
03/09/01HALLELUJAHFukuoka Japan (Hallelujah)2LB-4224
10/31/64halloween masque vinylNew York City, New York2LB-10705
04/09/02Hamburg 2002Hamburg2LB-0101
11/19/11hammersmith 2011 three nights completeLondon, UK2LB-9896
11/20/11hammersmith 2011 three nights completeLondon, UK2LB-9897
11/21/11hammersmith 2011 three nights completeLondon, UK2LB-9898
11/19/11Hammersmith Box 2011London2LB-10201
11/20/11Hammersmith Box 2011London0LB-10202
11/21/11Hammersmith Box 2011London2LB-10205
11/20/11hammersmith grand finaleLondon3LB-9909
02/xx/93Hammersmith HighlightsLondon - Hammersmith2LB-6840
02/06/90hammersmith odeon 1990 4th nightLondon, UK2LB-14026
09/11/99Hangin With Paul SimonMemphis2LB-1462
05/24/00Happy BirthdayDresden, Germany2LB-3386
04/13/66Happy DylenniumSydney, Australia2LB-7964
03/30/76Happy, Happy Birthday EricShangri-La Studios, Malibu, Ca1LB-2462
09/08/93hard and fastWolf Trap, Vienna, Virginia1LB-15533
04/19/93Hard Times in AlabamaHuntsville, AL2LB-6847
06/29/93Hard Times in MarseillesMarseilles2LB-5811
xx/xx/61Hard Times in New York CityVarious1LB-6652
xx/xx/61Hard Times In NYCHard Times In NYC1LB-3016
xx/xx/63Hard to FindVarious1LB-6651
xx/xx/00Hard To Find Vol. 5,Hard To Find Vol. 51LB-0963
xx/xx/90Hard To Find Vol. 7Hard To Find Vol. 71LB-0949
xx/xx/63Hard to Find Volume 2Various1LB-6662
xx/xx/70hard to find volume 6various1LB-9114
xx/xx/63Hardest to Find (Lost Diamonds 1986-96)Various1LB-6661
04/xx/89have mercyOh Mercy Outtakes1LB-11055
02/09/02he is the manAtlanta, GA2LB-10384
07/05/09Heartbreak HotelRothbury, MI, USA2LB-8101
09/30/87Heartbreakers BluesMunich1LB-6783
08/27/86hearts of fire session 1986Hearts of Fire sessions1LB-15444
xx/xx/86Hearts of Five CDPress Conferences 19861LB-8484
09/06/08Heed These Modern TimesSan Diego, CA2LB-7273
07/14/14Helsingborg 2014Helsingborg, Sweden2LB-11814
05/05/07Herning 2007Herning2LB-5297
06/15/98He's Getting Ready For the ShowRotterdam1LB-6943
06/15/98He's Getting Ready For the ShowRotterdam1LB-0982
03/10/00highlands 2000Anaheim and Santa Cruz2LB-8757
11/14/99highlands of worcesterWorcester, Massachussetts1LB-11024
xx/xx/90highlightsVarious locations, USA 19903LB-9452
05/01/76Highway 49 RevisitedHattiesburg, MS2LB-6723
xx/xx/65Highway 61 Revisted AgainHighway 61 Revisted Again1LB-11129
xx/xx/87highway of diamond vol3source: various soundboard1LB-8912
04/29/66historical stockholm 66Konserthuset (Stockhom1LB-11081
05/16/76Hold the Fort (Lock Up the Warehouse),Fort Worth, Texas2LB-8301
05/16/76Hold The Fort For What Its WorthFort Worth, Texas2LB-8287
05/16/76Hold the Fort for what its worthFort Worth, TX2LB-6728
02/13/97Hollis Brown At IvyKurasiki,Japan2LB-6910
09/03/65hollywood bowl 1965Los Angeles, California1LB-10342
01/19/74hollywood sportorium 1974Hollywood, Florida2LB-11892
10/20/03honest with usGermany, Berlin2LB-8756
02/15/99Honky Tonk BluesVan Andel Arena2LB-2042
05/21/00Horsens TeaterHorsens, Denmark2LB-7669
05/21/00Horsens TheaterHorsens Theater, Denmark2LB-2516
07/24/99Hot & Humid NightHartford, Connecticut2LB-7488
08/16/89hot august nightAtlanta, Georgia, USA2LB-12516
08/03/96House of BluesAtlanta2LB-6112
06/28/89House Of GoldAthens, Greece2LB-8346
04/19/80house of judahToronto, ON1LB-9211
11/12/81Houston 1981 SoundboardHouston, Texas2LB-15732
xx/xx/84how i spent the summer empress valleyvarious0LB-15525
08/13/97how sweet the soundHershey, PA2LB-9097
06/23/07Howlin' at the MoonlightAtlantic City NJ2LB-7005
10/24/03hungary bluesBudapest, Hungary2LB-11038
06/10/89Hunted Like a CrocodileThe Hague, The Netherlands1LB-6592
12/10/78Hush Hush, Sweet CharlotteCharlotte, NC2LB-7099
07/12/19Hyde Park 2019London, England0LB-14504
10/07/02i aint no judasRed Bluff, CA2LB-9807
06/30/07I Don't Believe ItBethel2LB-7085
06/15/10i found my world in youPadova, Italy, Palafabris2LB-9076
11/03/03I Get My Sweet RewardHallenstadion2LB-2113
06/11/98I HAVE NO ONE TO MEET,Copenhagen, Denmark2LB-1575
04/01/07i miss you nettie mooreGothenburg, Sweden0LB-13406
xx/xx/58I Was So Much Younger ThenVarious4LB-6675
xx/xx/58I Was So Much Younger.Various4LB-7973
10/12/78I was Young When I Left HomeToronto - Maple Leaf Gardens2LB-6742
09/xx/74IDIOT WIND IN 48TH STREETStudio Sessions in New York1LB-8653
04/04/04if dogs run freeWashington D.C2LB-11100
03/18/10if i pass this way againNagoya, Japan2LB-10906
xx/xx/94If My thought dreams could be seenVarious1LB-6210
02/11/93If Not For YouLondon2LB-5858
02/12/94If Not for YouOsaka2LB-6859
05/01/70if not with youStudio Sessions 1969/19701LB-14358
05/05/09if you ever go to dublinDublin, Ireland2LB-9124
10/17/03if you see her say helloHamburg, Germany2LB-11889
05/08/00I'll Be Your Baby TonightStuttgart2LB-4219
07/10/87I'll be Your Robert TodayJFK, Philadelphia1LB-6776
10/25/05im like a rolling stoneBerlin, Germany2LB-14600
11/xx/84Important WordsLA Studio1LB-6762
04/12/63In ConcertTown Hall & Carnegie Hall NYC1LB-6657
10/11/94In Like FlynnBurlington, VT2LB-0685
10/17/03in the clubHamburg, Germany, Docks2LB-11068
10/18/03in the club againHamburg, Germany, Docks2LB-11076
10/14/16in the desertIndio, California0LB-12542
11/12/11in the eternal cityRome,Italy,Palalottomatica2LB-9910
10/16/92in the gardenAnniversary Concert A Bob2LB-15620
11/19/01In the Garden 2001Madison Square Garden, NYC3LB-1265
07/19/87In the Heart of OregonEugene, OR1LB-6780
xx/xx/61In the PinesCarnegie Chaper hall, NYC1LB-2852
07/10/81In the SummertimeDrammen, Norway2LB-6634
07/10/81In the SummertimeDrammen, Norway1LB-6635
01/22/80In the Summertime (partial)Denver1LB-3565
02/01/90Infinity on TrialRex Theater. Paris2LB-6811
02/01/90Infinity on TrialParis2LB-8523
09/17/78Inside the ColiseumNew Haven, CT2LB-6741
01/15/74Into the FloodCapital Center2LB-6706
03/30/07invisible prayerOslo, Norway2LB-11030
10/10/18irving 2018Irving, Texas0LB-13866
11/16/93Is this what you want ?Supper Club, New York City1LB-6208
08/31/69Isle of WightIsle of Wight1LB-6698
02/18/93It Ain't Me BabeHanover, Germany2LB-6845
xx/xx/62it could even be a mythBroadside Ballads & Forest1LB-11004
07/01/96It Takes A Lot To LaughMunster2LB-6904
06/16/00it takes a lot to laughPortland, Oregon2LB-9225
03/14/01its all over nowTokyo, Japan2LB-9844
04/01/78Its All Right, BabeSydney, Australia2LB-5184
10/31/64It's AlrightPhilharmonic, NY2LB-6668
xx/xx/96I've Got a Song To SingLive in 961LB-6896
06/04/98I've Got New EyesRostock, Germany2LB-6940
06/20/98Jack the cowboy went up NorthNewcastle, England2LB-6947
02/14/94Japan 1994Fukuoka, Japan2LB-6860
03/31/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11860
04/01/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11861
04/03/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11862
04/04/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11863
04/05/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11864
04/07/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11865
04/08/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11866
04/09/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11867
04/10/14Japanese Live Collection 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11868
04/13/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Sapporo, Japan2LB-11872
04/14/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Sapporo, Japan2LB-11873
04/17/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Nagoya, Japan2LB-11874
04/18/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Nagoya, Japan2LB-11875
04/19/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Fukouka, Japan2LB-11876
04/21/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Osaka, Japan2LB-11877
04/22/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Osaka, Japan2LB-11878
04/23/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Osaka, Japan2LB-11879
04/26/14Japanese Live Collection 2014 vol2Maui, Hawaii2LB-11880
xx/xx/66Jewels and Binocularscollection26LB-6676
04/30/03Jillian's Parking Lot,Louisville, KY2LB-8593
xx/xx/62John Birch Society BluesVarious early 60s1LB-6633
07/02/86joint adventures vinylAkron, Ohio2LB-9464
07/02/86joint adventures vinylAkron Ohio4LB-11181
02/05/94Jokerman and Queen MarySendai, Japan2LB-6855
06/14/84Jokerman In EuropeWiener Stadthalle Kiba2LB-1535
05/28/84Jokerman Plays The ArenaVerona, Italy2LB-6542
07/30/99jones beach 1999Wantaugh New York3LB-9659
07/30/99jones beach and the atlantic oceanWantagh, New York3LB-9995
05/17/03Jubilee JamJackson MS1LB-3234
08/16/94Just BecauseArt Park, Lewiston, NY2LB-6872
02/09/93Just Like ZimmermanApollo, London2LB-2779
06/13/84Just the GirlsBerlin2LB-6754
06/xx/92Kaatskill Serenade And Three More SongsACME Studios, Chicago1LB-3542
11/03/78kansas city 1978Kansas City, Missouri2LB-11891
10/28/02Kansas City 2002Kansas City2LB-1004
04/23/99keep on keeping onMarseilles2LB-10330
02/02/62keepin the backgroundvarious1LB-11105
12/08/75Knight of the HurricaneMadison Square Garden, NYC2LB-6731
02/05/80Knoxville Holy GrailKnoxville2LB-0070
03/21/04Kool Cat Pulling off The StringsTORONTO,CANADA, KOOL HAUS T2LB-2743
11/03/04Lafayette 2004West Lafayette2LB-2825
09/04/88Lake Compounce Festival ParkBristol, Connecticut1LB-9199
09/04/88Lake Compounce Festival ParkBristol1LB-3246
03/10/01Land Beyond The SunHiroshima2LB-4225
xx/xx/84last encore vinylvarious live 84 (Vinyl)1LB-14835
03/10/86last night in far eastTokyo, Japan2LB-10631
02/20/94last night standTokyo, Japan2LB-10141
09/03/08Laughter Down On Third StreetSanta Monica California, USA2LB-7274
xx/xx/66Legend In His Timevarious3LB-8583
xx/xx/66legend in his timevarious3LB-14232
xx/xx/69legendary broadcasts 1969 1984various0LB-14783
05/15/66Leicester '66Leicester, England1LB-6686
xx/xx/98les bons momentsvarious 98-991LB-11363
07/01/84Les Temps ChangentParis2LB-6758
xx/xx/62Let My Poor Voice Be HeardPublishing Demos -Leeds Music2LB-5404
03/13/95License to SingPrague, Czech Republic2LB-7093
xx/xx/61life and life onlyvarious1LB-15055
06/02/78life sentence vinylLos Angeles2LB-9499
07/xx/84Life takes LivetakesSlane Castle, Ireland1LB-6761
06/15/65like a rolling stone unreleased sessionsNew York1LB-9265
05/23/76Like a Rolling Stone(The Hidden TV Shows)Fort Collins1LB-6730
xx/xx/61Like Marlon BrandoHollow Horn Reference2LB-4916
06/27/96lime street shuffleLiverpool, UK2LB-12183
06/12/10Linz Austria 2010Linz4LB-15324
xx/xx/67little white wonder vinylFor Basement Addicts1LB-9321
xx/xx/61little white wonder vol2 vinylvarious0LB-15307
09/19/87Live (Rotterdam)Ahoy, Rotterdam , Holland1LB-6782
05/17/66Live 1966 Acetates Vols. 1 & 2 vinylThe Live 1966 Acetates Vols. 12LB-8054
xx/xx/86live adventuresWestwood One acetate0LB-15951
10/30/91Live At Brand TheaterTulsa, Oklahoma, Brand Theater2LB-3183
07/03/10live at hop farm music festivalKent United Kingdom2LB-8909
06/30/88Live At Jones Beach Theatre 1988Wantaugh, NY2LB-2844
07/12/94live at montreux 1994Montreux, Switzerland2LB-11679
06/11/84Live at OffenbachOffenbach, West Germany2LB-6521
03/11/10Live At Osaka, 5 Days Complete BoxOsaka, Japan, Zepp Osaka6LB-8645
06/19/84Live at Palaeur 1984Rome2LB-0425
04/28/11live at sydney entertainement centreSydney Entertainement Centre2LB-9566
10/10/09live at the greek theater berkeleyBerkeley, CA2LB-10945
06/16/14live at the marquee 2014CORK, IRELAND2LB-11881
06/16/14live at the marquee 2014Cork, Ireland2LB-11919
04/25/09LIVE AT THE O2 ARENALondon1LB-7727
11/10/78Live at the Pitstop 78 - Gaza StripSeattle, WA2LB-6743
11/10/78Live at the Pitstop 78 - Gaza StripSeattle, WA2LB-7725
06/16/08Live At The Summer Sound FestivalLazzaretto Bergamo, Italy2LB-7284
11/16/93live at the supper clubThe Supper Club2LB-9366
05/03/76Live at the WarehouseNew Orleans2LB-6725
11/18/79Live by FaithSanta Monica2LB-4848
xx/xx/60live collectionsvarious4LB-15054
03/18/78Live in Adelaide, 1978Adelaide, Australia2LB-4163
04/04/19live in berlinBerlin, Germany0LB-14236
04/11/02Live in Berlin 2002Berlin Arena2LB-2895
06/07/99live in denver 1999Denver, Colorado3LB-11941
11/04/91Live in Evanston IllinoisEvanston, IL1LB-6827
02/21/78live in japan vol2Tokyo, Japan4LB-11035
02/23/78live in japan vol3Tokyo, Japan2LB-11037
09/06/61live in new yorkGasLight Café1LB-14496
07/25/65live in newport 1965Newport Folk Festival, RI1LB-10343
02/xx/64live more than 20Quest Tv,Canada1LB-10340
xx/xx/61live on air volume onevarious0LB-15410
02/24/86live on the radio 86various1LB-15675
xx/xx/63live pt2 vinylvarious1LB-10651
02/24/86live radio broadcasts grace recordingsvarious1LB-15440
xx/xx/75live rarities with friendsvarious2LB-15348
xx/xx/01live theftUSA Autumn Tour 20011LB-11067
07/19/87live vol 2Eugene, Oregon1LB-11053
xx/xx/64live with the bandvarious0LB-15160
02/19/87Live! The Silver WilburysHollywood1LB-2137
07/02/62Live, Finjan ClubMontreal, Canada1LB-6645
07/12/01Liverpool 2001Liverpool2LB-1076
06/10/91Ljubljana 91Ljubljana, Yugoslavia1LB-6820
02/08/02ljvm 2002Winston-Salem NC2LB-12076
06/16/78london dylan lp setLondon0LB-15147
05/11/02London First Night 2002Docklands Arena, London2LB-0842
05/12/02London Second 2002Docklands Arena, London2LB-0835
11/23/03London Tour 2003London2LB-1516
11/15/03London Tour 2003 BoxLondon, England, Wembley Arena2LB-1954
11/23/03London Tour 2003 BoxLondon2LB-1959
11/24/03London Tour 2003 BoxLondon2LB-1960
11/25/03London Tour 2003 BoxLondon2LB-1961
10/06/00London Wembley Arena Second EveningLondon UK2LB-7851
02/22/99Lonely Graveyard of My MindTroy2LB-4544
08/03/86lonesome la townLos Angeles, California1LB-10701
xx/xx/65Lonesome Sparrow SingOuttakes - Back Home1LB-6672
02/24/86Lonesome TownSydney2LB-9427
02/24/86Lonesome TownSydney2LB-0376
02/24/86Lonesome TownSydney2LB-0838
06/29/86Lonesome Town Vol 2Hoffman Estates, IL1LB-6766
06/29/86Lonesome Town Vol. 1 & 2Poplar Creek Music Theater2LB-2531
12/04/65long distance operatorBerkeley, CA1LB-9789
12/04/65long distance operatorBerkeley1LB-9735
xx/xx/66Looking for the saviorHollow Horn Reference2LB-4921
06/05/78Los Angeles, California June 6th 1978 vinyl jttLos Angeles, California2LB-15207
05/27/95Loud and StrongMonterey2LB-6080
07/10/94Love Minus ZeroCologne, Germany2LB-6867
01/14/98LOVE SICKNew London2LB-2841
10/05/97Love Sick at WembleyWembley Arena, London, England2LB-2304
01/14/74Love Songs for AmericaBoston Gardens, MA2LB-6705
06/26/96Loving Of LiverpoolLiverpool2LB-3002
xx/xx/93Lucky 13Various1LB-6839
xx/xx/65lucky at the beebvarious0LB-15472
07/10/19lucky engagementStuttgart2LB-14953
10/12/19lucky engagementSanta Barbara2LB-14954
01/20/73Lucky LukePat Garret and Billy the Kid1LB-7984
07/12/92Lucky Not To Be DestoyedAntibes, France2LB-6834
07/12/92Lucky not to be destroyedJuan-les-Pins, France2LB-8246
11/12/81lucky shot liveHouston, TX2LB-8759
xx/xx/10lucky through livevarious0LB-13565
02/09/94Lunch in TokyoTokyo2LB-6857
11/05/91Madison 91Madison, Wisconsin1LB-6828
01/21/98Madison Square GardenMadison Square Garden, NYC2LB-6919
09/29/78madison square garden 1978New York City, NY0LB-11890
06/26/84madrid 1984 soundboardMadrid, Spain0LB-15945
11/11/75Magical Mystery CaravanWaterbury, CT1LB-8144
04/21/02Man Of Constant SorrowZurich2LB-5995
10/20/03man totally into his musicBerlin, Germany2LB-11016
04/02/07man with the white hatCopenhagen, Denmark0LB-13407
05/09/02Manchester 2002Manchester2LB-0068
11/16/05Manchester 2005Manchester, UK, M.E.N Arena2LB-3807
05/17/66manchester prayer cdManchester Free Trade Hall1LB-13156
11/15/78manchester prayer tangerine vinylLos Angeles2LB-11231
03/01/78martial arenaTokyo, Japan2LB-10930
10/05/78maryland its alrightLargo, Maryland2LB-10362
08/14/94master of woodstockWest Saugerties, NY1LB-11086
xx/xx/98MASTERS (BobDylan.com)MASTERS (BobDylan.com)1LB-1138
xx/xx/98masters 1998 1999 soundboard collectionvarious1LB-11478
06/30/88Masters Of WarWantagh, New York1LB-8051
04/25/99Masters of ZurichZurich2LB-2583
06/17/98May Your Song Always Be SungBrussels2LB-6939
xx/xx/03Meeting Again in 2003Various2LB-5837
04/06/92melbourne 92 and the bromberg sessionsMelbourne, Victoria, Australia2LB-11073
04/19/66Melbourne AustrailiaMelbourne Austrailia 1LB-6683
03/18/10memories in nagoyaNagoya, Japan, Zepp Nagoya2LB-9189
03/19/10memories in nagoyaNagoya, Japan, Zepp Nagoya2LB-9191
07/10/87Men of PeacePhilidelphia, PA - JFK Stadium1LB-6777
07/07/92Meran 92Meran, Italy1LB-6640
04/xx/89Mercy on UsOuttakes O Mercy Sessions1LB-5745
xx/xx/65midnight trainvarious1LB-9628
08/31/69Mighty MockingbirdIsle Of Wight1LB-7385
10/30/04Milk a Cow with A Monkey WrenchCarthage College2LB-2556
xx/xx/67million dollar bash vinylbasement tapes1LB-9453
04/08/97Million MilesSaint Johns, New Brunswick2LB-6912
xx/xx/97mind out of timeRecorded live in the US 19971LB-10181
06/26/86Minneapolis 1986Minneapolis, Minnesota2LB-15155
xx/xx/61Minnesota TapesMinnesota Hotel Tapes3LB-6618
xx/xx/58Minnesota To New York 1958-1961various4LB-8558
08/31/69Minstel Boy Isle of Wight1LB-6699
05/12/02Missin' MississippiLondon,UK2LB-10237
xx/xx/67mixing up the medicineBasement Tapes 19671LB-11057
xx/xx/92Modern MinstrelVarious2LB-6829
09/17/87molotov cocktailsEast Berlin, East Germany1LB-11968
06/01/65Mono MixesHIghway 612LB-6654
xx/xx/63more from the vaultsvarious1LB-9994
xx/xx/67more music from big pinkbasement tapes1LB-11056
xx/xx/90More SunrisesVarious2LB-6817
02/15/93Moving On To HollandUtrecht2LB-5321
02/15/93Moving On To HollandUtrecht, Netherlands2LB-8123
01/27/78Moving ViolationCA - Tour Rehearsals1LB-6732
07/26/88MudplexMemphis, TN3LB-7841
07/28/88MudplexDallas, TX3LB-7842
10/01/00Munster 2000Mnster, Germany2LB-9537
10/01/00Munster 2000Munster, Germany2LB-2579
07/04/78my back pagesParis, France0LB-14587
06/17/91Name That TuneStuttgart, Germany2LB-8367
06/30/84namtes 1984 soundboardNantes, France0LB-15946
07/03/94Napolean in RagsParis, France2LB-6865
02/17/69Nashville 1969Nashville, TN1LB-8534
xx/xx/69nashville 1969 vinylnashville1LB-10703
xx/xx/69nashville sessions 1969 and morenashville1LB-9991
02/17/69nashville skyline sessionsNashville, TN1LB-11525
10/30/98Native LandKanata2LB-7478
xx/xx/76nearer to the fire vinylvarious0LB-14833
07/17/03never ending phenomenonWest Valley City, Utah2LB-12081
02/17/93never ending tourEindhoven, Netherlands2LB-11179
06/30/98Never Ending Tour 98 in France Vol 1 ParisParis, France2LB-6948
07/01/98Never Ending Tour 98 in France Vol 2 DijonDijon, France2LB-6949
05/01/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals 2LB-6802
10/03/97Never Mind the BollocksCardiff, Wales2LB-6330
11/01/79New Found FaithSan Francisco, Warfield2LB-5741
06/24/88NEW JERSEY 1988Holmdel, New Jersey1LB-7235
06/18/91New MorningEssen, Germany2LB-6823
xx/xx/70new morning iivarious1LB-15586
05/03/76New Orleans 1976 SoundboardNew Orleans, Louisiana2LB-15820
01/31/74new york city 74NY1LB-14582
10/19/94New York City 94NYC2LB-5742
01/31/74new york madison square gardenNew York City, NY1LB-15042
xx/xx/74New York Sessions - Blood on the TracksNew York1LB-6712
xx/xx/74New York Sessions 1974-75New York1LB-8626
12/02/19new york spiritNew York City, New York0LB-14884
04/12/63new york town hall 1963New York City2LB-10360
07/05/84newcastle 1984 captain acid remasterNewcastle0LB-15794
05/08/02Newcastle 2002Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK2LB-9421
05/08/02Newcastle 2002Newcastle2LB-0840
08/03/02Newport 2002Newport, RI2LB-0871
03/07/01next night osaka 2nd nightNon label, Osaka, Japan2LB-12277
01/30/90night of the grand rexParis, France2LB-11018
12/08/75night of the hurricaneNew York City, New York4LB-10167
12/08/75Night of the Hurricane 1Madison Square Garden (New2LB-1244
12/08/75night of the hurricane 1NY, NY2LB-11159
xx/xx/98nights of the living iconsvarious may 19981LB-10545
03/03/78Nippon Budokan HallTokyo2LB-2375
03/14/01Nippon TwiceTokyo, Japan, Nippon Budokan3LB-0941
xx/xx/65nite crash balladsColumbia Studios Recording4LB-10572
07/26/99No More AlibisTramps, NYC3LB-6037
07/27/99No More AlibisMadison Square Garden, NYC0LB-6038
06/07/89No Photographs PleaseBirmingham, UK1LB-6803
09/09/93No Time to ThinkWolf Trap, Vienna, VA2LB-6851
06/xx/17nobel proze boxNobel Prize for Literature1LB-13056
08/14/94North StageWoodstock Festival, NY1LB-6870
07/18/96North Wind BlowingOlso, Norway2LB-6908
02/20/97Northern SongsSendai,Japan2LB-4525
01/14/98Not Dark YetGarde Arts Center2LB-6918
01/14/98Not Dark YetGarde Arts Center2LB-5964
09/08/93Not Much Is Really SacredVienna2LB-6106
xx/xx/97not standing in the doorwayvarious1LB-11241
07/15/89Nothing But You(Old Orchard Beach)Portland, ME1LB-6806
05/07/65now aint the time for your tearsManchester UK, Free Trade Hall1LB-9631
xx/xx/65Now Your Mouth Cried WolfHollow Horn Reference2LB-2838
05/07/65Nows the Time for your TearsFree Trade Hall1LB-8519
09/xx/60number one vinylMinneapolis0LB-15107
06/11/22Oakland 2022Oakland0LB-15672
02/11/74Oakland FloodOakland, CA2LB-4445
xx/xx/63Odds and Ends(Unsurpassed Maestro Vol1 )unreleased studio1LB-6650
12/20/97oh babe it aint no lieLos Angeles, CA2LB-11174
05/18/00OH ME OH MY COUNTRY PIEStockholm, Sweden2LB-8746
05/18/00OH ME OH MY COUNTRY PIEGlobe Arena (Stockholm2LB-1995
04/xx/89oh merci im luckyOh Mercy Outtakes2LB-10338
04/xx/89Oh Mercy OuttakesOh Mercy Outtakes1LB-5748
06/19/84Oh the streets of RomeRome2LB-6756
07/26/99OH TRAMPS IT AIN'T NO LIETramps (New York, NY)2LB-1263
03/15/78OK I Still Get StonedBrisbane, Australia1LB-6597
04/11/98old friends from rioRio De Janeiro, Brazil2LB-13732
10/18/88Old Men with Broken TeethNew York City2LB-1252
07/03/88Old Orchard BeachPortland, ME1LB-6638
06/14/91Olympic PleasureInnesbruck, Austria1LB-6822
07/25/94On a Night Like ThisKiel, Germany2LB-6869
xx/xx/62on the crest of the airwaves vol1various radio 62-664LB-11746
07/12/93On the Rising CurveMerida, Spain2LB-7296
07/12/93ON THE RISING CURVEMerida, Spain2LB-7311
04/02/17on the waterfrontStockholm, Sweden0LB-14604
xx/xx/67one for the roadBig Pink1LB-11060
04/02/95One Hand Waving FreeBirmingham, England2LB-6342
11/15/78One More Cup Of CoffeeInglewood, CA USA2LB-8094
xx/xx/83One More Layer Of Skininfidels sessions2LB-3311
12/04/75One of The Hurricane NightMontreal Forum2LB-5398
xx/xx/63ONE PUSH OF THE BUTTONVarious TV performances2LB-6281
xx/xx/62only a hobo vinylvarious1LB-15040
07/04/87orbiting uvulaFoxboro, Massachusetts1LB-9573
02/25/78OsakaOsaka Fu2LB-3186
04/13/16osaka 2016 final nightOsaka, Japan2LB-12290
03/06/01osaka tapesOsaka, Japan2LB-9633
04/07/02Oslo 2002Oslo2LB-0099
10/13/03Oslo 2003Oslo, Norway2LB-1737
06/29/19Oslo 2019Oslo, Norway0LB-14762
11/19/81out from the gardenSunrise, FL2LB-15925
11/02/75out on the roadLowell, Massachusetts1LB-9579
xx/xx/85Outside the EmpireEmpire Burlesque sessions1LB-6365
06/29/04Outside The MuseumBonn2LB-2770
07/08/84Over the Broken GlassSlane, Ireland1LB-6282
09/22/98Packin Up in PullyupPuyallup, Washington2LB-7127
02/14/74Paint the Daytime BlackForum, Los Angeles2LB-6709
12/17/95Paradise RegainedPhiladelphia2LB-6894
04/24/92Paradise, Hawaiian StyleWaikiki Shell, Waikiki2LB-6830
04/xx/62Paranoid BluesGerde's,NYC1LB-6644
07/08/78paris 1978 final nightParis, France0LB-15524
04/23/07Paris 2007Paris2LB-10191
04/23/07Paris 2007Paris2LB-5274
04/29/02Paris FirstParis2LB-0590
10/03/00Paris Le Zenith 2000Paris2LB-0985
04/23/07paris modern timesParis, France0LB-13408
04/30/02Paris Second 2002Paris2LB-10180
04/30/02Paris Second 2002Paris2LB-0610
xx/xx/88Park It Where the Sun Don't ShineTravelin Wilburys2LB-3313
xx/xx/75Passed Over and Rolling ThunderVarious2LB-8062
01/20/73pat garrett and zimmy the kidPat Garret and Billy the Kid1LB-15242
01/20/73Pecos BluesPat Garret and Billy the Kid1LB-6701
xx/xx/74Phantoms of My YouthUSA/Canada - All songs from3LB-6704
xx/xx/74phantoms of my youthUSA/Canada - All songs from3LB-9487
08/19/94Pittsburg 94Pittsburg1LB-6873
xx/xx/66play fucking loudMay 1966 various live1LB-10312
10/26/95Pledging My TimeBloomington, IN2LB-3511
10/26/95Pledging My TimeBloomington, IN2LB-6893
10/31/75Plymouth RockPlymouth, MA1LB-6716
06/24/10poble espanyol 2010Barcelona0LB-14331
10/28/05Pointed Shoes and Shakespeare HatsAhoy, Rotterdam, Holland2LB-3828
02/xx/90political worldLondon, England0LB-15589
07/08/81politics of sinStockholm, Sweden2LB-10770
11/21/02POP MUSIC'S POET LAUREATEWilkes-Barre, PA2LB-8391
09/04/12port chesterPort Chester, New York2LB-10710
07/29/86portland 1986portland3LB-15084
05/31/22Portland 2022Portland0LB-15671
03/06/86Positively Far EastOsaka2LB-6765
xx/xx/90positively fourvarious live 1990 to 19934LB-11034
10/19/94Positively West 52nd StreetNew York City3LB-8904
02/09/94positivery 4th nightTokyo, Japan2LB-11020
05/09/92Positivly 4th StreetSan Jose, California1LB-8641
05/01/70Possum Belly OverallsNashville, TN1LB-6700
08/05/97power and greed and corruptable seedMontreal, QU2LB-9289
xx/xx/85power efficient enginevarious0LB-15538
11/21/79Preaching to the ConvertedSanta Monica, CA2LB-3849
02/24/86Precious Memories,Sydney1LB-8326
xx/xx/61Pre-Columbian Bob Dylan Volume FourPre-Columbian Bob Dylan Volume1LB-3524
xx/xx/79pressing on live1979various1LB-15504
11/14/97Private Affairs of Bob DylanSan Jose, CA2LB-6225
10/16/94promises of paradiseNew Haven2LB-14780
10/17/88radio radioRadio City Music Hall0LB-15964
03/xx/63radio unnameableThe Bob Fass radio show1LB-9845
04/15/05Rain Unraveled TalesBoston, MA2LB-8419
11/19/99RAMBLIN' GAMBLIN' CASINO MANAtlantic City, NJ2LB-3192
xx/xx/61rare live performances of the 60s vol2various1LB-9207
xx/xx/79re transmissionsvarious1LB-14564
xx/xx/85Real Cuts at LastEmpire Burlesque Studio2LB-8350
07/xx/84Real Live Outtakes 1984Studio1LB-6759
xx/xx/88Recovered Treasureouttakes1LB-8548
10/07/02Red Bluff 2002Pauline Davis Pavilion2LB-1002
11/16/94rehearsals for mtv unpluggedSony Music Studios1LB-12632
04/22/99restless hungry feelingsBarcelona, Spain2LB-9200
04/18/09Return To Me, Bella MiaFlorence, Italy2LB-8373
11/12/03revisited belgiumBrussels2LB-11028
07/xx/95Revisiting Autobahn 95Europe1LB-6887
07/04/86Rich for PoorBuffalo, NY2LB-6767
04/xx/89Ring Them BellsOh Mercy Outtakes1LB-5747
06/13/89RINGO KID & THE GUNFIGHTERSLes Arenes Frejus,France2LB-2745
01/25/90RioRio de Janiero1LB-6809
01/25/90RioRio de Janiero1LB-1628
11/30/80Rise AgainSeattle2LB-6579
04/28/99Roadmaps For The SoulHala Tivoli2LB-1262
xx/xx/83robert and sara vinylInfidel Outtakes and Renaldo1LB-11705
11/13/04Rochester 2004Rochester2LB-2823
09/02/95rock n roll hall of fameRock And Roll Hall Of Fame1LB-8647
04/19/80Rock SolidToronto1LB-0456
04/19/80Rock SolidToronto1LB-6924
04/30/99Rollin' Through Stormy WeatherStadthalle, Vienna2LB-1774
09/25/00rolling back the yearsPortsmouth, UK2LB-9721
07/27/95Rolling Stones Voodoo MinstrelsMontpellier, France1LB-9596
05/03/76Rolling Thunder RevueNew Orleans - Warehouse2LB-6726
11/24/03romance in durangoLondon, England2LB-11040
03/31/95romantic facts of musketeersBrixton Academy, London, UK2LB-10825
06/19/84Rome 84 RevisitedRome2LB-5466
11/06/13rome boxRome, Italy2LB-11692
07/23/01Rome Interview 2001Rome Press Conference2LB-8002
07/05/90Rooftop SerenadeBerlin1LB-6815
10/18/94RoselandNew York City2LB-5803
05/02/02Rotterdam 2002Rotterdam2LB-0067
05/02/02Rotterdam 2002Rotterdam, The Netherlands2LB-7680
11/02/21Rough And Rowdy In Milwaukee & Washington 2021Milwaukee4LB-15435
12/02/21Rough And Rowdy In Milwaukee & Washington 2021Washington, DC0LB-15439
04/11/83Rough CutsInfidel Outtakes2LB-6751
03/25/01Roving GamblerCentennial Park2LB-2559
05/17/66Royal AlbertHall 1966London, England0LB-15303
12/30/77Rundown Rehearsal TapesRundown Rehearsal Tapes4LB-2801
12/30/77rundown rehearsal tapes original master seriesThe Rundown Rehearsal Tapes4LB-15295
01/30/78rundown to maggieRundown Studios1LB-10314
xx/xx/67Safety Masternew Basement boot -REDO2LB-7688
xx/xx/67Safety MasterBasement Tapes1LB-7344
06/29/95Salt for SaltOlso, Norway2LB-6886
05/11/76San Antonio 1976San Antonio1LB-3308
06/10/88San Francisco Bay BluesBerkeley2LB-5889
10/12/01san jose 2001San Jose, California2LB-10334
05/19/98SAN JOSE ''98 SOUNDBOARDSan Jose, CA1LB-7231
05/19/98san jose callingSan Jose, California1LB-8673
05/09/92San Jose RevistedSan Jose, CA1LB-6833
07/23/00Saratoga Springs 2000Saratoga Springs, New York2LB-14631
11/11/75Satisfied ManPalace Theater, Waterbury CT1LB-6717
05/21/08save a dimeHalifax, Nova Scotia2LB-10033
10/21/05Scandinavium 2005Goteborg, Sweden, Scandinavium2LB-3425
11/26/13second coming of a masterLondon2LB-11313
11/27/13second coming of a masterLondon2LB-11314
11/28/13second coming of a masterLondon2LB-11315
09/25/00Second EveningGuild Hall Portsmouth2LB-1897
11/21/05Second EveningLondon2LB-3826
11/17/93Second SupperNew York - Supper Club2LB-6854
06/24/05secrets of the breezeMontclair, NY2LB-10996
06/11/08Seek Your MakerSalzburg, Austria2LB-8197
01/16/80Seeking SalvationParamount Theater2LB-1259
04/09/16sendai 2016Sendai2LB-12295
02/16/94senseiHiroshima, Japan1LB-11062
xx/xx/83Seven DaysInfidels Outtakes1LB-8619
06/06/98Shadows are FallingMalmo, Sweden1LB-6941
02/16/93Shadows in the SoundUtrecht, Holland2LB-6844
05/02/02sharp eyed senor of the lowlandsRotterdam, The Netherlands2LB-10886
09/22/00Sheffield 2000Sheffield Arena2LB-3598
05/23/76shelter from a hard rainFort Collins1LB-14619
07/17/94Shelter from the StormKrak?w, Poland1LB-7068
03/21/10shelter from the storm in tokyoTokyo, Japan2LB-15914
07/19/94shelter from the storm vol2Warsaw, Poland2LB-14603
10/10/89Shining at the BeaconBeacon Theater, NYC2LB-6808
10/10/89shining at the beacon columbiaBeacon Theatre New York0LB-15965
10/09/93shoreline amphitheatre 1993Mountain View California2LB-10988
07/21/81Shot of LiveVienna, Austria2LB-3413
11/11/02Shut Up! I Play My SongNew York City, New York2LB-7632
05/21/98SICK LOVEUCLA Pauley Pavilion2LB-2485
06/04/89simmonscourt 1989Dublin, Ireland2LB-10916
04/18/94Simple Man Keep WaitingChicago2LB-6862
11/11/06sing a bit of these workingmans bluesBoston, MA3LB-11041
03/07/05SING ME BACK HOMESeattle, WA2LB-8416
xx/xx/64Singing with the CrowSinging with the Crow bootleg1LB-0966
05/17/66Sings the Body ElectricEngland2LB-6680
06/20/98Six Days in June Vol1Newcastle2LB-2259
xx/xx/65Skeleton SongsHighway 61 Revisted Outtakes1LB-6669
03/30/95Skipping Reels of RhymeLondon2LB-5963
07/08/84slane 1984 soundboardSlane, Ireland3LB-15711
11/18/79slow train coming tourSanta Monica, CA2LB-14623
11/19/79slow train coming tourSanta Monica, CA2LB-14624
11/20/79slow train coming tourSanta Monica, CA2LB-14625
11/07/79slow train to warfieldSan Francisco, California2LB-9216
03/23/75snack vinylSan Francisco, California1LB-9532
04/20/80Solid RockToronto - Massey Hall2LB-6745
04/16/02solid rockStuttgart, Germany2LB-12077
xx/xx/75some big tv network tv shows part iisome big tv network tv shows2LB-9869
05/23/00Somebody Touched MeBerlin Arena, Germany2LB-4220
06/06/91someday everything is gonna be differentRome, Italy3LB-10286
02/18/99Someone's Distant CryStabler Arena Bethlehem3LB-7075
11/11/80something calls for youSan Francisco, CA2LB-11114
10/17/91something elseSevilla, Spain1LB-12436
07/30/99Something Is Happening On Mr. Jones' BeachJones Beach, NY3LB-5099
06/22/96Something's Happening HereBrussels2LB-6901
12/22/61Songs For BonnieMinnesota Hotel Tape1LB-7829
xx/xx/75Songs For Patty ValentineUSA Various1LB-6715
02/17/69songs from the real america vinylCBS Studio, Nashville, TN1LB-11927
xx/xx/97SONGS FROM THE SOUNDBOARD '97various2LB-2295
04/05/95Songs of Darkness, Songs of LightManchester, England2LB-6649
03/27/65songs that made him famousSanta Monica, CA1LB-11087
06/02/78sooner or laterLos Angeles, California1LB-13589
01/14/74soundboard collectionBoston, USA2LB-13014
01/31/74soundboard collectionMadison Square Gardens2LB-13015
02/11/74soundboard collectionOakland, USA2LB-13016
02/14/74soundboard collectionInglewood2LB-13018
02/14/74soundboard collectionInglewood2LB-13017
xx/xx/74soundboard collection 1974various10LB-11118
07/14/95Sounds Inside My MindStratford-upon-Avon1LB-6242
11/18/09spanish harlem nightsNew York, NY3LB-9908
07/13/85special night special guestsLive Aid broadcast 1LB-10346
xx/xx/65spiders webvarious1LB-12543
09/19/07Spirits Of The RymanNashville, TN2LB-7297
10/05/01Spokane 2001Spokane2LB-2277
10/05/01Spokane 2001Spokane2LB-9431
10/30/02St. Paul 2002St. Paul2LB-1040
11/10/81Stadiums of the DamnedNew Orleans - Saenger2LB-6636
06/26/11Stadtpark, Hamburg 2011Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany2LB-10206
04/15/99standing at valencias gateValencia, Spain2LB-10971
06/07/84standing on the watersBrussels, Belgium0LB-15952
07/04/98Stars From the Darkest NightVerona, Italy2LB-6950
02/08/90Staying Here With YouLondon - Hammersmith Odeon2LB-6813
xx/xx/60stealin freedom records ep jttStealin' (Freedom Records EP)0LB-14860
02/14/74stem the tide vinyl ripInglewood (Los Angeles), CA1LB-12442
12/16/78stepped forth from sins shadowHollywood, Florida2LB-10929
07/13/01Stirling 2001Stirling Castle - Stirling2LB-1074
04/05/02Stockholm 2002Stockhom2LB-0104
04/05/02Stockholm 2002Stockholm, Sweden, The Globe2LB-2878
04/05/02Stockholm 2002Stockholm, Sweden, The Globe2LB-4498
04/05/02stockholm globenStockholm2LB-12079
06/02/78Stop CryingUniversal Amphitheater1LB-6735
11/10/78Street Legal in SeattleHec Edmondson Pavilion2LB-1502
xx/xx/65Strip TeaseStudio1LB-6673
10/19/88Stuck inside of New YorkRadio City, NYC2LB-6799
04/29/05Stuck Inside Of NY With the Beacon Blues AgainBeacon Theatre3LB-3852
10/19/94Stuck inside of Roseland with the New York BluesRoseland Ballroom, NYC1LB-6875
05/03/63STUDS TERKEL'S WAX MUSEUMWFMT radio, Chicago, IL1LB-6930
10/02/93Stumblin' AlongHollywood Bowl1LB-6852
07/06/88Subteranean Philidelphia BluesPhilidelphia1LB-6797
07/06/88subterranean philadlphia blues vinylPennsylvania, Philadelphia1LB-12109
05/10/02Sugar BabeBirmingham, UK, NEC Arena2LB-4368
03/10/86Sukiyaki Party In BudokanBudokan, Tokyo, Japan2LB-10979
07/23/03summer evolutionBend, Oregon2LB-11888
06/25/95Summer Night 1995RFK Stadium, Washington DC2LB-6885
xx/xx/65sunset studio 1965various studio1LB-9924
11/16/93suppers readyThe Supper Club New York, NY4LB-11321
01/29/80Surrender Your CrownUptown Theater2LB-8205
02/02/02Surviving In A Ruthless WorldTampa2LB-4675
02/02/02surviving in a ruthless worldTampa2LB-11629
05/19/98Sweet MarieSan Jose, California1LB-3354
10/01/97Tailgates & SubstitutesBournemouth2LB-6915
04/13/66tales of a mexican painterSydney Stadium, Australia2LB-10347
06/xx/78Tales of Yankee PowerLondon, England2LB-6737
xx/xx/61talkin bear mountain massacre picnic blues vinylminnesota and freewheelin1LB-9026
11/04/61talkin new yorkCARNEGIE CHAPTER HALL1LB-8750
04/12/63Talking Too MuchNew York Town Hall1LB-6655
05/18/76tall grass and ones i loveOklahoma City, OK1LB-9737
02/02/02tampa dee and tampa dum,Tampa, Florida2LB-11942
06/04/84Tangled and TwistedRotterdam2LB-4232
02/01/02tangled in tampaSunrise2LB-10585
05/04/92Tangled Up in BlueWarfield, SF2LB-6831
01/31/74tangled up in new yorkNew York City, New York1LB-13590
03/06/01tears of rageOSAKA,Japan2LB-11685
11/11/75Tell it Like It IsPalace Theater, Waterbury CT1LB-6718
09/13/87temple in flames 1987 tour anthologyTurin, Italy1LB-9301
09/15/87temple in flames 1987 tour anthologyDortmund, West Germany1LB-9304
09/23/87temple in flames 1987 tour anthologyHelsinki, Finland1LB-9306
10/11/87temple in flames 1987 tour anthologyBirmingham, England1LB-9290
10/12/87temple in flames 1987 tour anthologyBirmingham, England2LB-9291
xx/xx/87Temples in FlamesVarious3LB-6771
xx/xx/87temples in flames complete setvarious6LB-15468
06/17/96tempodrome 1996Berlin, Germany2LB-9529
xx/xx/58Ten Million A WeekHollow Horn Performing Artist2LB-4915
10/20/11ten20elevenRotterdam, The Netherlands2LB-11212
11/22/10Terminal 5 BoxNew York City, NY2LB-15228
11/24/10Terminal 5 BoxNew York City, NY2LB-15230
10/xx/90Thank you Evry'bodyBeacon Theater, NYC1LB-6818
07/06/86that lucky old sunWashington, DC0LB-15953
07/06/16that melancholy feelingr Vienna, Virginia0LB-12465
12/03/65The 1965 Interview,KQED TV Studio1LB-8231
xx/xx/85the 1985 rehearsal taperehearsals2LB-12274
01/30/98The Air BurnsBrookville, NY2LB-7259
xx/xx/60The Band - Crossing the Great Divide - GBS4Various3LB-6624
03/06/01the best show osaka 2001Osaka, Japan2LB-12287
xx/xx/61The BootlegVarious1LB-6628
04/20/80The Born Again MusicToronto - Massey Hall2LB-6746
xx/xx/71The Classic Interviews Vol. 2 - The Weberman TapesThe Classic Interviews Vol. 21LB-7208
xx/xx/79The Classic Interviews Vol. 3 - 1979-1981The Classic Interviews Vol. 31LB-7207
xx/xx/65The Classic Interviews Vol.1 1965-1966,The Classic Interviews Vol.11LB-7201
08/27/86The Complete Hearts Of Fire OuttakesTownhouse Studios, London1LB-3485
02/xx/90The Critics Choice Vol 1 & 2London - Hammersmith Odeon2LB-6812
xx/xx/88The Critics Choice Vol 3USA1LB-6789
xx/xx/88The Critics Choice Vol 4USA1LB-6790
10/16/87The Critics Choice Vol 5 & 6London - Wembly Arena2LB-6786
xx/xx/88The Critics Choice Vol 7Various1LB-6791
xx/xx/88The Critics Choice Vol 8Various1LB-6792
01/23/76The Day before the HurricaneLA1LB-6720
05/13/95The Day I Saved the Planet at the Hard Rock HotelLas Vegas1LB-6881
04/01/76The Days Before Hard RainBelleville Bitmore Hotel1LB-6722
07/12/87The Dead Play DylanGiants Stadium1LB-6779
04/xx/89The Deeds Of MercyStudio On The Move1LB-5746
02/17/69the dylan cash session vinylNashville, Tennessee1LB-9920
02/17/69The Dylan Cash SessionsNashville, TN1LB-6697
06/09/64The Emmet Grogan AcetatesAnother Side of Bob Dylan1LB-6664
06/xx/64The Emmet Grogan Acetates & Other RaritiesAnother Side of Bob Dylan1LB-6663
06/27/96The Empire Strikes BackLondon2LB-6903
07/17/93The End of SummerBern2LB-3210
10/17/87The Final Night and MoreWembly Arena, London2LB-0119
05/xx/87The French GirlSan Rafael, CA - Club Front3LB-6772
11/09/99THE FUGITIVEPhiladelphia, PA2LB-8730
09/13/00the fugitiveDublin2LB-11645
10/xx/62The Gaslight Tapes 1962Gaslight Café, New York, NY1LB-6850
xx/xx/67The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 1Saugerties, NY1LB-6692
xx/xx/67The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 2Saugerties, NY1LB-6693
xx/xx/67The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 3Saugerties, NY1LB-6694
xx/xx/67The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 4Saugerties, NY1LB-6695
xx/xx/67The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 5Saugerties, NY1LB-6696
02/19/87THE GOLDEN WILBURYSPalomino Club, Hollywood, CA1LB-3512
02/08/93The Illusion of TimeLondon - Hammersmith Odeon2LB-6842
06/03/84The Jokerman has just left the StadiumMunich2LB-6753
10/04/03the last danceFlushing, NY1LB-11948
05/05/66The Live DylanDublin1LB-6684
05/17/66The Live DylanLondon - Royal Albert Hall1LB-6689
02/22/99The Lonely Graveyard Of My MindRensselaer Polytech Institute2LB-2367
04/19/96The Maine EventPortland, ME3LB-6897
07/07/94The Man the MasterSan Remo, Italy2LB-6866
09/23/95The Midas TouchFt. Lauderdale2LB-6892
xx/xx/85The Naked EmpireEmpire Burlesque sessions1LB-6363
02/17/93The Never Ending TOUrEindhoven (NL)2LB-8361
04/08/07The Oldest Son Of A Crazy ManAmsterdam, Heineken Music Hall3LB-5354
09/01/74The Outtake Vol1 (BOTT NY session Remaster)1LB-5935
06/21/95The Pedlar Now SpeaksPhiladelphia2LB-6883
07/15/78The Picnic at BlackbusheBlackbushe, England2LB-6740
01/31/74The Poet & the PlayersNYC2LB-6708
09/08/93The Real SoundVienna1LB-6107
04/28/94The Real Voice of AmericaTopeka, KS2LB-6863
xx/xx/61The Roar of a WaveRecording Artist series2LB-5993
12/12/78The Shelter From The Stormvarious interviews1LB-0686
06/12/99THE SOUND OF SILENCERose Garden Portland, Oregon2LB-1534
11/16/93The Supper ClubThe Supper Club, New York City1LB-5409
07/04/87The Unreleased Live AlbumVarious1LB-6775
xx/xx/61the villagerGaslight In Greenwich Village1LB-9021
05/04/92The WarfieldWarfield Theater2LB-7087
07/15/94The Wiener Club of SpauldingVienna, Austria2LB-6868
05/26/05The Wolf is Looking DownFt. Lauderdale Stadium 1LB-7306
xx/xx/01theft and loveLive versions of Love And0LB-15969
11/15/02then came the warninPhiladelphia, PA2LB-9165
08/05/86There is a place of Broken DreamsShoreline, Mountain View3LB-6770
02/16/91They Don't Deserve It - Part 1London - Hammersmith Odeon1LB-6819
xx/xx/65thin wild mercury music1965-66 Studio Outtakes1LB-9374
07/22/00Things Have ChangedMansfield2LB-4221
05/01/01Things Have ChangedAsheville2LB-4222
11/19/01things have changedMadison Square Garden2LB-15968
10/16/03things have changedCopenhagen, Denmark2LB-8751
06/27/81Think I'll Call It a ManLondon, England2LB-6979
11/22/05Third EveningLondon2LB-3827
04/09/19third prague 2019Prague, Czech Republic2LB-14400
10/16/92this ones for you bobNew York, NY2LB-11099
06/14/05This Show's On Fire, Tambourine ManBowie, MD2LB-7067
02/08/90Those Were the DaysLondon/Paris5LB-2791
xx/xx/62Through a Bullet of LightThe Witmark Demos2LB-8050
02/16/94Through a glass DarklyHiroshima2LB-6861
05/16/76thunder rolls through many nightsFort-Worth, TX2LB-11017
05/16/76thunder rolls through many nightsFort-Worth, TX2LB-11237
01/16/98Time And TIme AgainNYC2LB-6946
xx/xx/61timeless classic albumsvarious5LB-15048
01/12/90toads place 1990Toad'S Place4LB-12534
01/12/90Toads Place Vol 1 and 2Toad's Place (New Haven, CT)4LB-6611
01/20/88Together-Live At The Rock And Roll Hall Of FameNew York1LB-8805
04/06/16tokyo 2016 3rd nightTokyo2LB-12288
03/02/78Tokyo LegalTokyo, Japan2LB-7055
xx/xx/02tomorrow is never gonna be the same againvarious Aogust 20022LB-11671
02/xx/93tomorrow nightsLondon, UK2LB-9428
10/27/81tongues on fireEast Rutherford, New Jersey2LB-10874
12/08/97Tonight I’ll Be Playing Here For YouIrving Plaza, New York City2LB-6937
09/13/87torino 1987Torino, Italy1LB-11071
xx/xx/97Tour Diary 97 - On the Road to the HighlandsVarious1LB-6913
11/25/03Tour of London 2003 Vol. 2London2LB-1470
11/15/03Tour of London vol. 1London, England, Wembley Arena2LB-1480
11/24/03Tour of London vol. 1London2LB-1461
10/28/01trailing moss in mystic glowMilwaukee, Wisconsin2LB-9184
10/28/01Trailing Moss In Mystic GlowMilwaukee2LB-2521
03/26/95Train On Down to BrightonBrighton, UK2LB-7066
07/01/78Trainload Of FoolsNuremberg, West Germany2LB-2966
xx/xx/88Traveling Wilburys, Complete CollectionTraveling Wilburys Studio2LB-6793
xx/xx/88Traveling Wilburys, Volume 2Traveling Wilburys1LB-8550
11/09/02tribute to the martyrsElmira2LB-10869
02/20/94triple nightTokyo, Japan2LB-10219
02/20/94Triple NightTokyo, Japan2LB-8164
xx/xx/86True ConfessionsAustrailia - Westwood One1LB-6764
02/24/86True Confessions For Carol.Sydney, Austrailia2LB-4419
04/19/80True DiscipleToronto1LB-8536
04/19/80True DiscipleToronto Canada1LB-8340
10/01/00True Love Needs No CompanyMunster2LB-4476
07/25/81True StoriesAvignon France - Palace des1LB-6749
xx/xx/64TV Guide: Various TV Broadcasts 1964-1986various2LB-8506
10/06/01tweedle deeSeattle, Washington2LB-11713
07/06/05Tweedle Dee In Tulsa 2005Tulsa1LB-6140
xx/xx/63twelve cursesThe Times They Are A-Changin'0LB-15062
11/17/94uncut unpluggedSony soundstage in New York0LB-15581
xx/xx/60under the covers the songs he didnt writevarious1LB-15354
xx/xx/81united western tracksShot Of Love sessions1LB-15944
10/26/63Unravelled TakesCarnegie Hall, New York2LB-6185
10/26/63Unravelled TakesCarnegie Hall, New York2LB-6181
xx/xx/88Unsurpassed MastersTraveling Wilburys Studio1LB-6794
04/18/76Untitled 1976Lakeland2LB-6801
xx/xx/62up to me vinyl jttvarious1LB-11930
10/13/88upper showUpper Darby, PA3LB-11882
09/xx/74Vastly Original WorkBlood on the Tracks Outtakes1LB-6713
10/01/87verona 1987Verona, Italy1LB-11096
09/22/62vinyl Carnegie Hall HootenannyNew York City, New York1LB-9425
06/11/88visions from mountain viewMountain View, CA2LB-10932
09/05/87Visit to IslaelTel-Aviv, Israel2LB-6781
11/22/02Voice From On HighFairfax3LB-2440
03/21/10voice of promise 1Tokyo, Japan2LB-14999
03/23/10voice of promise 2Tokyo, Japan2LB-15000
03/24/10voice of promise 3,Tokyo, Japan2LB-15001
03/25/10voice of promise 4Tokyo, Japan2LB-15002
03/26/10voice of promise 5Tokyo, Japan2LB-15003
03/28/10voice of promise 6Tokyo, Japan2LB-15004
xx/xx/98Voices in the GardenMadison Square Gardens, NYC1LB-6917
07/12/85Voices Of FreedomRehearsals for the Live Aid1LB-0571
06/26/81walk around heaven all dayLondon, England2LB-11008
01/01/61Walk Like A Duck Smell Like A Skunk,Varous - Hollow Horn2LB-8557
xx/xx/61WALK LIKE A DUCK, SMELL LIKE A SKUNKHollow Horn Reference2LB-2288
06/16/98Walking With You in My HeadEssen, Germany2LB-6945
09/04/88Wanted ManLake Compounce Festival1LB-6798
07/05/81War Against the SpiritNEC Birmingham, UK2LB-6987
11/11/79warfield witnessSan Francisco, CA2LB-10995
10/30/94WASHINGTON 1994Warner Theater, Washington, DC2LB-2373
04/01/17waterfront first 2017Stockholm2LB-13054
10/13/13waterfront second 2013Stockholm2LB-11226
04/02/17waterfront second 2017Stockholm2LB-13055
01/xx/98way up on the avenueNew York City1LB-15082
06/28/81Ways of the FleshLondon2LB-7027
09/03/65We Had Known A LionHollywood, CA2LB-6018
07/17/99We Hear You Knockin'Camden, New Jersey2LB-6990
11/16/80WEAR THE FOX HATFox Warfield Theatre2LB-2766
10/14/16weekend 2Indio, CA0LB-12460
08/23/97Weekend at WolftrapVienna, Virginia3LB-6430
04/15/07Wembley Arena First 2007London, England, Wembley Arena2LB-5282
10/06/00wembley arena londonLondon2LB-11109
09/26/98west coast mountainMountain View, California1LB-9850
xx/xx/65What are you trying to saveHollow Horn Reference2LB-4920
09/03/65what are you trying to sayHollywood Bowl2LB-9432
07/07/84What's RealLondon3LB-6760
06/26/96whats the score bobLiverpool, UK2LB-12182
xx/xx/58Where Are You Now My Blue Eyed Son?Witmark Demos and others4LB-8143
xx/xx/73WHERE THE MONKEY DANCESStudio Outtakes 73 to 812LB-2909
12/08/97White DoveIrving Plaza, NYC2LB-2102
04/27/02Who Lives Outside The Law Has To be HonestOberhausen2LB-2769
04/19/97wicked messengerWest Hartford,Connecticut2LB-10818
04/19/97Wicked MessengerHartford2LB-3110
xx/xx/61wild and rambling boyvarious4LB-10578
10/10/87Wild Cathedral EveningBirmingham, England1LB-6785
11/06/04Windshield VipersBrubaker Auditorium2LB-2555
02/14/74With a Little Help of Two StonesInglewood, CA1LB-6710
11/04/75with god on our sideProvidence3LB-12470
03/20/95With One Hand Waving FreeUtrecht2LB-5828
03/18/95With One Hand Waving Free V2Groningen, Holland1LB-6879
xx/xx/62Witmark YearsVarious2LB-6632
07/20/91WolftrapVienna, VA1LB-6825
08/14/94Woodstock 1994Saugerties, NY - Woodstock2LB-6871
xx/xx/70Working on a GuruWorking on a Guru (sequel to1LB-2140
09/08/99World Full of LiesAntioch, Tennessee2LB-7077
05/01/70YesterdayBob Dylan and George Harrison1LB-6981
11/14/97You Ain't Goin' Nowhere,San Jose, CA2LB-6223
06/24/96You Can Call Me ZimmyLuxembourg2LB-6902
11/12/81You Can't Kill an IdeaHouston, November 12, 19812LB-5842
xx/xx/62You Don't Know Mevarious4LB-6626
06/30/88You Figure It OutJones Beach, Wantagh, NY1LB-6796
11/11/03You Go Your Way and I'll Go MineAmsterdam2LB-2750
11/16/80You Gotta Serve SomebodyWarfield, SF1LB-6747
xx/xx/66you know tom thumbUK Tour 19661LB-14987
09/24/00you might be called bonoPortsmouth, England2LB-13009
06/14/98you will remember my nameBremen, Germany2LB-10954
11/04/61young bob in his first new york concertCarnegie Chapter Hall3LB-15083
06/17/96your voice was all that i heardBerlin3LB-11182
04/04/14Zepp Divercity Tokyo 2014Tokyo, Japan2LB-11719
xx/xx/60zimmerman ten of swords vinyl box setvarious7LB-15108
07/21/81zimmermans joy vinylWiener Stadthalle, Austria2LB-10524
07/15/78zims picnic vinylBlackbushe Aerodrome2LB-10530
04/29/07zurich modern timesZurich, Switzerland0LB-13409